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ESA_Labs Annual Event "Space Data Management Workshop" 
May 8-9, 2023 - venue: Youtube, Zoom and Ca’ Dolfin (Venice)


There are a large number of highly important applications that currently rely upon data from satellites and space missions, ranging from weather prediction to monitoring of environmental pollution, climate change, marine traffic, agriculture & urban planning, etc.

The quality and quantity of space data poses new and specific challenges to the scientific community, covering the entire life-cycle of space data management and with a need for an interdisciplinary approach.

The aim of this workshop is to strengthen the collaboration among the ESA_Lab partners by sharing their latest results that impact these issues, and by collecting the problems that emerge from ESA activities that can stimulate new research.

This is a non-exhaustive list of topics of interest:

  • space data formats
  • space data authentication
  • space data integrity
  • legal and ethical issues related to space data management
  • data related cybersecurity threats
  • data-oriented interoperability
  • algorithms for data cleaning and compression
  • low-power data transmission protocols
  • selective data acquisition and archiving strategies
  • applications

The extended version of the presented contributions will be published by Springer-Nature as a dedicated volume after the workshop.

Final Program


Tino Cortesi (, Elisabeth Sourgens ( and Roberta Gregori (

Latest news

The Ca' Foscari team wins the IT challenge launched by ESA [ITA]

The Ca' Foscari team Team4 won, jointly with the Norwegian team, the ESA Software Challenge 2022, a prestigious challenge proposed by ESA, the European Space Agency, aimed at computer science and engineering university students to design new efficient systems of data communication with devices placed in satellites or space carriers.

Partnership with the European Space Agency: ESA Lab@Ca' Foscari is born [ITA]

Ca' Foscari University of Venice has joined the network of European universities that collaborate with ESA, the European Space Agency and thus ESA_Lab@Ca'Foscari was born.