Master's Degree Programme in
Accounting and Finance


If you hold an international qualification, before starting the application process please make sure you have completed the pre-evaluation procedure and that you have all the requirements for international students.

If you have a disability or an SLD (specific learning disability), you can request support for the admission test (when required) and specific support services during your studies.

Admission to the programme

Contacts, reservations, FAQs

The Master’s Degree programmes in Accounting and Finance, in Management and Sustainability and in Marketing and Communication are of limited access and require, as well as the possession of adequate personal preparation and specific curricula requirements, taking and passing a selective test.

Enrolment is based on the position of the candidate on the ranking list.

Certified understanding of English language at B2 level is also required to be shown at the moment of enrolment. Process of verification and cases of exemption are indicated on the language requirements webpage.

For 2024/2025 academic year there will be 2 selection sessions.

All the specific information on process of registration, selection and enrolment are in the call for applications.

Candidates who graduated from a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or in Economics (L-18 and L-33 classes), or equivalent in the old university system (17 and 28 classes) satisfy the minimum curricular requirements.

If the candidate graduated from a different Bachelor’s programme, they must have achieved minimum credit requirements 60 CFU in the following scientific disciplines:

Field of business: 20 CFU (at least one exam from SECS-P/07 sector)

  • SECS-P/07 Business administration and Management
  • SECS-P/08 Management
  • SECS-P/09 Corporate Finance
  • SECS-P/10 Organizational Behaviour and Design
  • SECS-P/11 Banking and Financial Institutions

In the fields of economics, law and statistics/mathematics: 40 CFU (at least one exam per field)

  • Field of Economics:
    • SECS-P/01 Political Economics
    • SECS P/02 Economic Policy
    • SECS-P/03 Science of Finance
    • SECS-P/04 History of Economic Thought
    • SECS-P/05 Econometrics
    • SECS-P/06 Applied Economics
    • SECS-P/12 Economic History
  • Field of Law:
    • IUS/01 Private Law
    • IUS/04 Business Law
    • IUS/05 Economic Law
    • IUS/07 Labor Law
    • IUS/09 Public Law
    • IUS/10 Administrative Law
    • IUS/12 Taxation Law
    • IUS/13 International Law
    • IUS/14 EU Law
  • Field of Statistics-mathematics:
    • MAT/02 Algebra
    • MAT/03 Geometry
    • MAT/05 Calculus
    • MAT/06 Probability and Statistical Mathematics
    • MAT/08 Numerical Analysis
    • MAT/09 Operations Research
    • SECS-S/01 Statistics
    • SECS-S/03 Economic Statistics
    • SECS-S/06 Mathematical methods for Economics and Actuarial and Financial Sciences

If you are not in possession of the curricular requirements, you must retrieve them before enrolment exclusively by carrying out single exams (Bachelor’s Degree level) at Ca' Foscari or in other universities.

Personal preparation is understood as an adequate acquisition of knowledge and understanding of management, as acquired in the Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration and in Economics (L-18 and L-33) or equivalent in the old university system (17 and 28).

Personal preparation will be verified during the admission test.

Admission process

The admission process is as follows:

  • online registration, if you are not already enrolled at Ca’ Foscari;
  • pre-enrolment for the admission test;
  • carrying out the admission test and placement on ranking list;
  • online enrolment and payment of the first installment of tax and university fees.

If you are a candidate with a disability or suffering from DSA, you can make use of the individualised application for carrying out the admission test; all the specific information on available assistance is in the admission announcement and on the webpage for services for disabled and DSA students; the request will be available during the online pre-enrolment.

Admission to the second year with credits recognition

For admission to the second year in case of enrolment with credits recognition, internal transfer or transfer from another university, in addition to sitting the admission test and meeting all the admission requirements, you have to be assigned a place: all the information is published in the final part of this webpage.

Online pre-enrolment

Pre-enrolment for the admission test of the spring selection will be from March 7th until 12noon on April 22nd 2024.

Before proceeding, remember to arrange the degree self-certification in electronic format (enrolment if you are a student) with signed exams (in which is indicated: University where you achieved the qualification, class and degree programme, degree date and grade, exams taken with the relative scientific-disciplinary sector and the weight in credits): Verify if the self-certification, completed with all the aforementioned information, can be printed from the Personal Area of the host University website: alternatively, use the model of self-certification on this page.  

During enrolment you can also insert the linguistic certification or useful documentation to show that you are subject to one of the provided cases of exemption: for this you must attach the declaration present on this page.

The procedure is completely online and requires the following steps:

  • Registration on the University website. You do not need to register online if you are already enrolled at Ca’ Foscari;
  • Completion of the online pre-enrolment form: access the Personal Area of the website with your SPID or CIE (Electronic identity card) account (if you are or have been a student at Ca' Foscari, you can use your matriculation number and your password) and selection "Admission test".

Once you have concluded the pre-enrolment process you will receive a confirmation email to the email address stated in the registration process.

If you want to request one of the assistances provided for candidates that are disabled or diagnosed with DSA for taking the admission test, you must fill in the specific section for procedure of online pre-enrolment and attach a certificate demonstrating possession of the disability/impediment.

Pre-enrolment fee

Participation in the admission test requires payment of a fee totalling 30 Euros, that should be paid after having completed the pre-enrolment procedure online, by selecting the “payment” button.

Admission test

The admission test will take place remotely on Wednesday May 8th 2024.

The details regarding how this will occur at and what time will be communicated via email a few days after the closure of the pre-enrolment period.

Please note that in order to take the entry test you will need to have the following:

  • a personal computer;
  • a smartphone or tablet;
  • an internet connection via Wi-Fi or a smartphone.

All of the guidelines and technical requirements are communicated inthis video [ITA] about taking the test.

Place acceptance and enrolment

Spring selection

Place acceptance of successful candidates placed on the ranking list must take place by May 20th 2024: according to what is required on the selection announcement, possible remaining vacant places can be re-assessed.

The procedure for accepting a place on the course involves two steps:

  • Completion of the enrolment application form online;
  • Payment of the pre-enrolment fee: the payment must be carried out using the PagoPA system by pressing the payment button that will generate upon completion of the online enrolment application form. The pre-enrolment fee will not be refunded in any circumstance.

If you do not pay before the deadline indicated above, you will lose the right to enrol: for questions on any aspect of the process, please send a request by accessing this link: before the deadline.

Attention: You will be able to enrolment only if you fullfil all the requirements for admission (including obtaining the bachelor's degree) by July 31st 2024.

If you have accepted your place correctly in the spring session you have to complete your enrolment between July 1st and the July 31st 2024.

The enrolment procedure involves two steps:

  • Updating the enrolment application online. Once you have chosen your Master’s Degree programme, you can change the application you submitted when you accepted your place by adding information on the academic qualifications you have obtained and other attachments relevant to enrolment. You must also include self-certification for listing degrees obtained and exams taken;
  • Paying the first instalment of tuition fees: the payment must be carried out using the PagoPA system by pressing the payment button that will generate upon completion of the online enrolment application form. The first instalment of tuitions will not be reimbursed in any circumstance.

If you do not pay before the deadline indicated above, you will lose the right to enrol: if you have trouble with any aspect of the process, please contact the registration office before the deadline.

Particular cases

Students are reminded that it is possible to enrol on a Master’s Degree programme requiring:

Enrolment with ECTS accreditation

In order to enrol with credit recognition, make the internal transition or transfer from another university, you must ask for the evaluation of the exams already taken and the release of the credits recognition sheet.

In case of recognition of more than 47 credits you have also to apply for a place to the second year.

You may enrol in a Degree Programme requesting accreditation for the following previous studies and training activities:

  • Master's Degrees, or Master's Diplomas;
  • incomplete University studies as a result of withdrawal, lapsed status;
  • single courses;
  • Internship/traineeships/previous employment;
  • simultaneous enrolment.

The year of enrolment is determined on the basis of the number of University Credits (CFU) you have been awarded:

  • Up to 47: admission to 1st year. You are required to sit for the Admission test. You will refer to the study plan for the a.y. 2024/2025;
  • From 48 or more: admission to 2nd year. You will need to apply for a place and sit for the Admission test for the assessment of your personal academic preparation. You will refer to the study plan for the a.y. 2023/2024.

Enrolment with recognition of credits is subject to the fee payment of 300.00 euros. The payment invoice will be provided upon confirmation of enrolment.

You are not obliged to pay if you request credit transfer from activities undertaken previously at Ca' Foscari (for example single courses) if the code of the lectures corresponds to that required by the study plan. In the case that some lectures do not fall among those indicated in the study plan, and are thus entered as free exams, you will be have to pay the fee of 300.00 euros.

Enrolment with credit recognition is not allowed to students concurrently enrolled in another University course and for which suspension has been requested.

The year of enrolment is established according to the number of university credits (ECTs) recognised:

  • up to 47: admission to 1st year of the programme. No intra-university transfers /transfers from another university are permitted during the first year of limited admission study programme. You are required to sit to the admission test and, if you obtain a place on the shortlist, withdraw from the study programme in which you are enrolled and re-enrol again;
  • From 48 or more: admission to 2nd year. You will need to apply for a place and sit for the Admission test for the assessment of your personal academic preparation. You will refer to the study plan for the a.y. 2023/2024.

Recognition forms request

There are two deadlines for requesting the issue of the record, to be used in the procedure for assigning the place in a year following the first:

  • from May 6th to June 25th 2024;
  • until August 19th 2024.

If you enrol in the first year, however, you will have to request the form at least 15 days before the enrolment deadline, as specified in the call for applications: in fact, when filling in the enrolment application, you will have to attach the approved form.

Please refer to the Economics Campus for accreditation in studies: the request can also be sent via e-mail. 

You are required to submit:

  • a signed self-certification form listing exams. Please indicate for each exam: the name of the Course of study and class, the name of the University, the name of individual exams taken with their scientific area and weight in credits, the mark and the exam date. Please verify if self-certification is available in your University Reserved Area: if it is not available or, if all the required data is not listed, you may use the forms on this page;
  • any exam programmes in your possession.

Requests for accreditation are to be submitted to the Campus which will then be subject to evaluation by the Teaching Committee.  Once approved, the Accreditation Form will be sent to you via e-mail. Please remember to sign the form.

Warning! For the request for internal transfer there is no need to attach the self-certification. However, remember to report any exams that are not yet recorded.

Recognition forms for previous Ca’ Foscari activities

Should you wish to request accreditation exclusively for previous Ca’ Foscari activities that have the same teaching code you find in the study plan of the course you wish to enrol in (for example, requesting accreditation for individual courses studied at Ca’ Foscari), you may complete the Accreditation Form by yourself and attach it directly during the online Enrollment procedure.

Place assignment to enrol in the second year

In case of recognition of over 47 CFU, you will have to apply for a place: admission to the second year of a limited - access programme is in fact subject to the availability of places.

  • For the places available published on June 17th 2024
    • application for a place: from July 9th to July 11th 2024
    • publication of the ranking: July 19th 2024
  • For the places available published on August 9th 2024
    • application for a place: from August 27th to August 29th 2024
    • publication of the ranking: September 5th 2024

The ranking will be drawn up on the basis of the evaluation of the CV and motivation letter.

In the event of successful application, for the first round, you will have to complete the enrolment or transition by July 31st 2024, under penalty of losing the assigned place. If you request clearance for transfer from another university, however, you will receive all the instructions by e-mail.

To apply for a place for the first round, you must log in to the reserved area, select "Evaluation test" and choose "Ammissione agli anni successivi al primo dei corsi ad accesso programmato". The procedure will be open from July 9th 2024.

You must attach:

  • your credits recognition sheet;
  • self-certification of having taken the exams for which you have been awarded credits;
  • your CV;
  • a motivation letter;
  • an identity document.
  • self-certification of bachelor's degree with exams, useful for the evaluation of entry requirements (only for master's degrees)

Warning! The procedure allows you to submit the application, in order of preference, for a maximum of three courses: if you enter more than one preference, you will have to attach the credit recognition sheet for each chosen course.

If you have never been a student at Ca’ Foscari you will have to:

  • register on the website;
  • access your personal area using your SPID or CIE (Electronic identity card) account.