Short-term research fellowships

Open calls for applications and relevant modules for research fellowships candidates  can be found on this page.

To find test calendars where applicable, evaluation results and more useful information, please follow the page expired calls.

Structure Title Details
Department of Management Bando per il conferimento di n. 2 borse di ricerca nell'ambito del progetto - DGR 1522/2022- codice 15-0001-1522-2022 dal titolo “COCO” - CUP H94G23000180007 - tutor prof. F. Gerli e G. S. Bertinetti.
Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics Sampling, analysis and processing of environmental parameters and biological variables on macrophytes of the northern Adriatic Sea
Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage Digital Humanities applicate al progetto “Crafting an Open Source Digital Publication Tool for the History of Science - EditionCrafter” - Columbia University di New York, in seno al progetto “EarlyGeoPraxis” – Positioned Cosmology in Early Modernity: The Geo-Praxis of Water-and-Land Management in Venice (ID R184WNSTWH) - CUP H74I19001410005, di mesi 8, tutor prof Pietro Daniel Omodeo
Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems OxProt - Parametrization of protein coarse-grained model to study the interaction between proteins and DNA
Department of Management Bando per il conferimento di n. 1 borsa di ricerca (durata mesi 12)-DGR 1522/2022-Progetto cod. 57-0001-1522-2022 “G.I.R.L.S.: Giovani Innovatrici in Rete, Leader nella Società” CUP H44G23000050007- Tutor Prof.ssa C. Colapinto.