Research grants and collaborative proposals

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Structure Title Details
Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies Linguistic and social inclusion of adult migrant students: integrating plurilingual approaches and arts-based and digital methodologies-DEADLINE June 25th 2024 AT 12:00 ITALIAN TIME-the project aims at developing an interdisciplinary pedagogical framework that integrates the principles of language teaching with those of plural approaches and arts-based methodologies, also using digital tools and strategies
Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies Research fellowships on Ways out. Tales of shooting and life - DEADLINE 25/06/2024, 12.00 noon.
Department of Management Cod. 2120-0007-553-2023-Business Models for the digitization of genetic engineering products- DEADLINE June 26th 2024 AT 9:00 ITALIAN TIME-FSE
Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage Call for no. 1 research fellowship on "Nuclear markers as global signals of the Anthropocene" within the project SPIN 2022 “Nuclear Winter: Biosphere Modeling and International Governance” CUP H75F22000030001, - deadline extension 27/06/2024 at noon (Rome CET)
Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics Cod. 2120-0008-553-2023 - Generative AI for the Improvement of Business Models - DEADLINE 1st July 2024 AT 9:00 ITALIAN TIME-FSE
Department of Management Business and Government Interactions: a network perspective-DEADLINE July 5th 2024 AT 12:00 ITALIAN TIME- The project's main objective is to explore the formation of policy decisions in contexts characterized by strong conflicts of interest
Department of Management Cultural events legacy creation: the balance between innovation, tradition and sustainability -DEADLINE July 8th 2024 AT 12:00 ITALIAN TIME-The objective of this research is the study of those dimensions of innovation, tradition and sustainability of a cultural event that can have medium-long term economic, social and environmental impacts
Department of Management Cod. 2120-0021-553-2023- Mapping and analysis of Veneto's live entertainment industry to develop innovative business models- DEADLINE July 10th 2024 AT 9:00 ITALIAN TIME-FSE
Department of Management Craft in Europe between conservation and innovation-PROJECT HORIZON-DEADLINE July 10th 2024 AT 12:00 ITALIAN TIME- The research fellow will be integrated, also with project management roles, in the European Horizon project "Heritage in Europe: new technologies in craft for preserving and innovating future (HEPHAESTUS"
Department of Asian and North African Studies Call for applications to shortlist researchers authorised to submit collaborative proposals. DEADLINE July 31th 2024 AT 12:00 ITALIAN TIME
Department of Asian and North African Studies Scientific Exchange between Europe and China in Early Modern Latin Sources -PRIN 2022-CUP: H53D23000260006 -DEADLINE August 27th 2024 AT 12:00 ITALIAN TIME- This research project concerns early modern scientific works written by European missionaries and converts in China and related Latin sources