Artificial intelligence for cybersecurity operations: why it is not (yet) happening

15 Giugno 2018 11:00

Campus Scientifico via Torino - edificio ZETA, Sala Riunioni B

Nacho Arnaldo, Chief Data Scientist at PatternEx (

As part of a layered defense strategy, organizations rely on advanced analytics to identify potential threats, and on highly qualified security experts to investigate, assess, and mitigate the impact of the discovered threats. However, this process remains human-intensive and is not scaling well in evolved enterprise environments where more and more devices and applications are logging information, resulting in greater volumes of data that need to be analyzed. If we add the shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals to the equation, it is easy to understand why the security industry is turning to artificial intelligence to (somehow) bridge the gap.
In this talk we will deep dive into the challenges faced in incorporating AI techniques into well established cybersecurity workflows. We will also stress the need for data science automation, monitoring, and maintenance mechanisms to support AI-based solutions in production environments. Finally, we will share a series of ideas and approaches developed at PatternEx, a SF bay area startup created to bridge the gap between AI and cybersecurity operations.


prof. Claudio Lucchese

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