24 Nov 2020 09:00

Waterborne Transport: technology, legislation and environmental impact

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Dr. Eliana Pecorari, DAIS, Ca' Foscari University
Eng. Antonio Ferrari, ACTV, Venice
National and International hosts, several realities from waterborne transport

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Recent extreme events in Venice lagoon place emphasis on the air quality impact and its relationship with local air emissions production especially waterborne transport. The general concern for the impact of air pollutants on environment and human health has led to the introduction of more restrictive regulations (both marine and inland water vessels) and new technologies have been developed. Despite this, some specific scenarios require different approaches because of their peculiarity. Venice, as a water town, is a very distinctive case where transport is supplied by waterborne systems. Local and regional pollution causes high pollutants concentrations that can duplicate in correspondence of some lagoon’s channels especially for NOx. Causes are not completely studied yet, but several small boats navigate in small channels and micrometeorology could have a great impact. In this context ACTV S.p.A. in collaboration with the Dep. DAIS, Ca’ Foscari University, has developed a project aimed to assess ACTV fleet emission estimate and impact on the Venice area. This conference will be the conclusions of the project. Several hosts will speak from national and international realities.


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Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Informatica e Statistica, Eliana Pecorari


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