25 Gen 2023 14:00

Portable (Bio)Sensors for Environmental Contaminants

Sala Riunioni B, edificio ZETA - Campus Scientifico via Torino

Giulia Moro, DAIS

In the last decade, several electrochemical biosensors were designed and developed for the determination of emerging environmental contaminants (EEC) in different matrices, from waste waters to biological fluids. Among these, enzymatic electrochemical biosensors show outstanding performance in terms of sensitivity and selectivity enabling the determination of EEC in their ionic form. Aiming at improving such devices, we developed proof-of-concept paper-based enzymatic sensors for EEC. These platforms show promising results and rely on the use of commercial enzymes, like laccases and peroxidases. Our long-term goal is combined our enzymatic electrochemical assays in one paper-based platform enabling the simultaneous detection of several EEC.


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