05 Dic 2022 12:15

Giorgia Romagnoli (University of Amsterdam) - Morals in Multi-unit Markets

Meeting Room 1, Campus Economico San Giobbe

Giorgia Romagnoli (University of Amsterdam) presenting “Morals in Multi-unit Markets” (joint work with Andreas Ziegler and Theo Offerman).


We examine how the erosion of morals, norms and norm compliance in markets depend on the market power of individual traders. Previously studied markets allow traders to trade at most one unit and provide market power to individual traders by de-activating the roles of two forces: (i) the replacement logic, whereby immoral trading is justified by the belief that others would trade otherwise; (ii) market selection, by which the least moral trader determines quantities. In an experiment, we compare single-unit to (more common) multi-unit markets which may activate these forces. We find that multi-unit markets result in partial norm erosion; moreover, in contrast to single-unit markets, they lead to a full erosion of morals and norm compliance. The replacement logic is the main mechanism driving this finding.


L'evento si terrà in inglese


Dipartimento di Economia (EcSeminars; CVera)

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