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Ed ucation
PhD, DMSN, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, cutn lauclct.
Title: Ersmuf h-based Advanced Luminescent  Design to .tlpplicatiott.
Suoervisor: Dr. Enrico Trave.
Master of Science, Materials Science, Jrriversir-y of Venice,
110/110 cum laude.
f itle: Cathodoluminescence study of optical and stru:lur;,1 ptr<t,aertie:; cr'E':SiO2 system deposited
by R F- m a gn et ro n sp utte ri ng.
Suoervisors: Dr. Elti Cattaruzza and Dr. Enrico Trrve.
Bachefor of Science, Sciences and Technolog;ie:; of thre lVl:lterials, DMSN, Ca'
Foscari University of Venice, 110/110 cum laude.
fitle Materials for optical amplification: the Er:,4,t:tC3 !;fsl'?n depc>siteri by l?F-magnetron
Supervisor: Dr. Elti Cattaruzza.
Research Experience
Visiting Student, Kyoto University, Sakyo-kr-r 601-ۓ501, l(.vol.c - -lapatt.
Development of Bismuth-based materials with adv;: rrcet. cc'-i<:rl priopertie:;.
Supervisor: Prof. Setsuhisa Tanabe
f nternship, ELETTRA-Synch rotron, 34149 Basov .rz:r, TrLe:;i:e - | :aly.
XRD analysis at MCX beamline. Proposal: In situ high Ienipeí,,r:u,'e X,t?D ::tudies of growt.h and
phase stabilizations of RE-doped Bi2Os and RE-ooped tisinuth silica:te entbedd:'d in MSNs.
Supervior: Prof. Pietro Riello.
fnternship, ELETTRA-Synchrotron, 34149
XRD analysis at MCX beamline. Proposal: ln situ h, XRD studies of phase
transition in zirconia yttria and tantalia co-doped sztnples.
Supervior: Prof. Pietro Riello.
Sept 2012 \/isitinfi litlrdent, ,t'Lt:f'l-RA-Synchrotron, 34t49 Basovizza, Trieste - ltaly.
E.)(AFS an;lysìs ;:t Xr\tji btamline. Proposal: Downshiftíng in glasses for photovoltaic cover
p.anel: correlat on bat,/e,,:,t pl''otoluminescence prcperties and local order + chemical state of Cu
a to m s s1 ri.t i ed h)' )( r'z ), ; b so r Pti o n s p ect rcscopy.
Super,ricrs: D.. :lL Ca aru:tzir and Dr. Giuliana Aquilanti.
Nov 2011 - \/isitinÉi Íitud€rrt (J,i)fo lnstitute of Technology, Sakyo-ku, Matsugasaki 606-8585,
Feb 2072 l,íyolo - Japnr.
(.athodolurììin€scen(:e ;n:lyr;|, of Er-doped 5iO2 thin films at the Laboratory of Ceramic Materials
cf the Depirrtnr€nt of Clrenìittry and lvlaterial Technology.
S uper,risor: Prrf Giu:;e1;:e f:'ezzotti
rrn fiest,a.- I lt-- t.t.(:t:t :,
li4y research is focusec cn ;hr: ,lerrel:pm,:nt and fundamental and applied aspects of luminescence
materials. In Farticul,lr th,:r l"r.r r| .1ler(]sts ccncern:
() Synthesis ancl ,:har:rct€r za: iyr c,:lar':h,rridedopedoxidematerialsandnanophosphorswithnon-linear
optical prope,.:ìes (d<rvn.;:rrrv:rsior an:l up-conversion); study of energy transfer and sensitizatton
mechanisms t:cev€rlopîrent rf :asic nrod'::ling for the description of the luminescence mechanisms and
for the calculation of oiti,':al l):r':ìmr:t€ni).
() Development ,)f bisnr ul:h- i: a:;e o materi; ls with the double aim of studying the optical properties of
Bii" ion Ìn dif'r:rent lrr>::ts L'a:tì-e, aìi acli\,e center or sensitizer) and the role of bismuth-based matrix
fcrr the emissicn crf rare-e;rttr ;ìnd t'anstion metal ions.
() Persistent lurninescenc: pfosctrcrs: :pt.ical characterization and modeling ofthe mechanisms involved.
() Synthesis anci r:ha':cterizar on c1'{:r,:lop,:}d silica (or alumina) thin films by RF-magnetron cosputtering
for photonic devices ')c{lraliirí :rt il: stàndard telecommunication wavelengths.
rrrr -ie;r<.h
i r iI f".>lt:r't:,t:r:
Jan 2015 - lèachìng ass:;1:ìni. ( r' Fcscari University of Venice. Tutor activity for the General
Jun 2015 F'nysics I arrd [.aboraiory course (Dr. Elti Cattaruzza). Frontal lessons and student
sLppc,rting frrr the rr;lrrtions of exercises (30 h).
Jan 201.5 - ìì:aching as:,iÍtant. C :' Frx,cari University of Venice. Tutor activity for the lstitutions
Jun 2015 cf Matherrratics ar:l l:xercitations 2 course (Dr. Enrico Trave). Frontal lessons and
student sirp;ir:r:in9; ibr the solutions of exercises (30 h).
Dec 2014 - l-ear:hìng i,rs:,ist;rnt. C;' F,rscari University of Venice. Tutor activity for the lstitutions
Jan 2015 cf lllatl:enra: c:; ancl E)(ercitations 1 course (Prof. Emilio Orsega). Frontal lessons and
student s;Lrppor:in; lbr tfe solutions of exercises (30 h).
Oct 2014 leaching irss:ìtant. (-a Foxari University of Venice. Tutor activity for the Laboratory of
À4aterìals Sci{:nce :{,u se (Prof. Stefano Polizzi). Frontal lesson on photoluminescence
and stuc€nt sLpp:,rting fì)r the synthesis of rare-earth doped nanoparticles and the
cDtical :hara(:ter zati()n.
May 2014 - lèaching ;;rssistant. C::' F,:scari University of Venice. Tutor activity for the lstitutions
Jun 2014 cl Matlrr:nratics ar'l []xer:ilations 2 course (Dr. Enrico Trave). Frontal lessons and
student suppor:inÉ; lbì the solutions of exercises (20 h).
Mar 2014 - ìi:aching ;ssistant. (-a Fo:cari University of Venice. Tutor actìvity for the Physics 1 and
Apr 2014 L.abofatcti, course (Prrrf. Francesco Conella). Frontal lessons and student supporting
[]r the ;olut on:ì o[, 140 h).
E. CaÌtaruzza, M. Back, G. Battaglin, P. Riello and E. Tr:ve. [:r-:lcpe,i alurnirra crystalline films
deposited by rédiofrequency magnetron co-sputtering. Optical i\'lare'rtials 2011 :'J, 1135-1138
M. Back, A. Massarì, M. Boftelli, F. Gonella, P. Riello, D. Cristot,rri, R. lìi:cè, arrd F. Enrichi. Optical
Investigation ofTb3r-doped Y2O3 Nanocrystals Prepared [,,'Per:hini--vpe Sol-Gel Process. Jolrnal
of Nanoparticles Research 2Ol2, 14,792 (l-70).
F. Enrìchi, R. Riccò, M. Back, P. Rìello and D. Cristofori. Euilf at d 'f b3r codr.,ped Y2O3 Nanocrystals
Prepared by Pechini-Type Sol-Gel Process. In: Micro- an,:l niìno-phot(Ìnic rìaterials and devices.
MINAP 2012 Proceedings, 17L-774.
M. Boftelli, M. Back, E. CatLaruzza, F. Gonella, E. Trave, A Lel:,:, A. G i;,-'nti and G. Pezzotti.
Off-stoichiometry spectroscopic investigations of pure amorprou:, silica .rnd Ll-coped silica thin films.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2Ol3, 117, 3475-3482.
M. Back, A. Massari, M. Boffellì, R. Marin, F. Enrichi and F. R r:ll'r. l-rrergy ìlansfer Eetween Tbiand
EujJ* in Codoped Y203 Nanocrystals Prepared by Pechini lriierhod. -irrna,' of lVanoparticles
Research 2013, 15, 1753 (1-14).
R. Marin, M. Back, N. Mazzucco, F. Enrichi, R. Frattini, A. and P. Iìiellc. Unexpected Optical
Activity of Cerium in Y2O3:Ce3+,Yb3r ,EÉl Up&Down Conr,:rsion :ìysteLn. lltalto,r Transactions
2013. 42. 16837-16845.
E. Cattaruzza, M. Back, G. Battaglin and E. Trave. Unexpect,:d b:havir:rofthe 1..54 pnt luminescence
in Er-doped silica tilms. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids '2ll|4, 411.1, 186-1!)0.
M. Boffelli, W. Zhu, M. Back, G. Sponchia, T. Francese, f). F ello, /\. :ienec etti arrd G. Pezzotti.
Oxigen Hole States in Zirconia Lattices: Quantìtative Aspects of I hr,ir (.athcdolLrminescence Emission.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2Ol4, 118, 9828-9836.
M. Back, E. Trave., R. [l]arin, N. Mazzucco, D. Cristofori and P. R ello. Energy Transfer in Bir+ and
Erilr-Codoped Y2O3 Nanocrystals: An Effective System for Ra'-' lartl" [:iu,::re;c,:nce Enhancement.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2014, 118, 30071-30078.
R. Marin, G, Sponchia, M. Back and P. Riello. Determi:rinp, E'r'c't)ium Ccmpositional Fluctuations
in Partially Stabiiized Zirconia Nanopowders: a Norr Line-[ìiro:derin;g- Eased IV]ethod. Acta
Crystallographica Section B 2016, 872, 29-38.
M. Back, R. Marin, M. Franceschin, N. Sfar Hancha, F. Enriclri, Ei. liave ard S. Polizzi. Energy
Transfer ìn Color-Tunable Water-Dispersible Tb-Eu codopeci (:aFt, lJanc,(:r),stals. Journai of Materials
Chemistry C 2016, 4, 1906-1913.
S. Armeli Minicante, E. Ambrosi, M. Back, J. Barichello, E (latl,)r rrz;.a F. Gonella, E. iicantamburlo
and E. Trave. Development of an eco-protocol for seaweercj <:rlcr,rphylls oltraction and possible
application in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. Journal of Physics D i0].li, .19 295601.
M. Back, E. Trave, J. Ueda and S. Tanabe. Ratiometric ()6r.ic.rl ì-rermonreter Eased on Dual
Near-lnfrared Emission in Cr3+-Doped Bismuth-Based Gallate f1c,st. Chemist,y of lvlaterials 2016,
G. Zaccarìello, M. Back, lV. Zanello, P. Canton, E. Cattaruzza, P. Riellc, A. Alìnr,:nti anC A. Benedetti.
Formation and Controlled Growth of Bismuth Titanate Phas,:s irto h4esonorou:; Silica Nanooarticles:
an Eflicient Self-Sealing Nanosystem for UV Filtering in Cosrrt:tic i:ornrulation. .AC:) Apptied lvlaterials
& lnterfaces 2Ol7 . 9. 1973-7921
3., 5
M. Back. E. 'f rave, N. l',1a;::zuccc, P. Riel o and A. Benedetti. Tuning the Upconversion Light Emission
by Bandgap E:rrgineerirg in l3i:;nruth ()xide-based Upconverting Nanoparticles. Nanoscale 2017,
C. Sponchia, l\/. Eio'felli, l/. Ua,:k, W. Zhu, A.D. Rodríguez, G. Pezzotti, G. de Portu, P. Riello
and A. Benerlett. Orthc;r'homric Phase Stabilization and Separation Phase Process in Zirconia
Tantalum-doped Porvders and Sp;:rk :)lasma Sintering Systems. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 2017.
[)ate n t;
F'. Riellc,, I'"4. l3ack. Sil ,:ati di bismuto luminescenti, sintesi ed uso degli stessi. Domanda
n. 102015t1000i!5C07 , U820154001870), 2015
Con'te r: rc r: r.-c,'r:r bu t rons
() E. Cattaruzza, l\4. 13ack C. Eiattaglìr, T. Finotto, P. Rìello and E. Trave. Er-doped alumina crystallìne
fiims depositr:'J by r: rli,rfrr:quercy 'ragrl,3tron co-sputtering. Poster presented at Symposium K of
E-MRS, Stra-.bour51, June 2C 1.0
o E-_qaftafqzzjf , M. B,rck, (ì. Ilat':ag, in, P. Riello and E. Trave. Er-doped alumina crystalline films
deposited by radiofr<:r1rjen,:y rr lE r rtr,ln c+.sputtering. Poster presented et Nanotechltaly, Venice,
October 2010.
(, E-_l3yg, M. Baci, l\4. l3c,lFelli, E (.atî;lruzza, F. Gonella, A. Leto and G. Pezzotti. Local rearrange.
rnent of the :f envirc,nmenl: in 'f-,putterred silìca glass films. Poster presented at PRE12, Kyoto,
March 2QL2.
o lVL Back, M. Boffelli, Ej-at:ary''1_21q, F. Conella, A. Leto, C. Pezzotti, A. Quaranta and E. Trave.
SpecLroscopic investigal:io- ol'll-,1cpe,J sìlica glass for PV modules application. Poster presented at
Symposium 't' of E-h'|,R.:i, !ìt'asbcur11, lt4ay 2012.
() M. Back, G. fìattaglin E.,.qat!at-u.;::za, F. Gonella, E. îave, A. Leto, M. Boffelli and G. Pezzortr.
Thermal-ind uc.ed loc,l rear.ang:Tnent in the Er environment of Er-doped silica glass films prepared
by PVD. Post:r pre*nteci at 121\ lltetnational Conference NCM12, Riva del Garda (Trento), July
o VL Back, R. lvlarin. ll. l'r'I;:rzucco, f f:nrichi, A. Benedettì, P. Riello and E. Trave. Upconversion Process
in Yb3r -RE co-clopec; Bisrnuth Ox de Nanoparticles (RE:Er3+,Ho3+,Tm:t+). Poster presented
at PRE14, San Sr:trastii:rn, l'!t;,1,"t 2iIt..
() G. Sponchia, M. Eia,:<. l Frarrce:c, lt,l. Cìllotto, M. Boftelli, W. Zhu, G. Pezzotti, P. Riello and
L le_rcdgt!ì Zircon a
rnr-dt,ped f\4aterials: An initìal study about new structure stabilization.
Poster presented ar: ltl,znotecl h,tt;r, \/enice, November 2014.
S Armeli Minicante,. ll. Ba,:k,.J. [iarrich::llo, E. Cattaruzza, F. Gonella and E. Trave. Algal chlorophylls
for Dye Sensrtized Sc'la'Cells Posrrl'r presented at Symposium E of E-MRS, Lille, May, 2015.
V-_&g! E. Irave and P. Riei o Bisrnuth oxide as host for rare-earth dopants in UCNPs. Oral
contribution at lC0lr,l li'Oi'r. lludva Ser)tember. 2015.
M. Back, !._frave ['. r::anton and P. Fliello. Bismuth silicate nanoparticles: structural control and
r:lre earth dopirrg fi:r uf)conv€rs c 1. Fto:tter presented at ICOM 2015, Budva, September, 2015.
f. Ambrosi, S. Arnreli [i iric;nte, M. Back, J. Barrichello, E. Cattaruzza, F. Gonella, E. Scantamburlo
and E. Trave. ExclorinÉ: and ,lee6rering the use of algal chlorophylls into Dye Sensitized Solar Celts.
Poster presented al lC(.)lvi 29ii, Brdva, September, 2015.
M- €es! and E. Tr,:v':. Bandgap l:n;;ineering of Bismuth Oxide-based Nanoparticles: A New Strategy
for Upconvers;ion Emi:,sror, Cc,ntrol. [>oster presented at LumiMet 2015, Kyoto, December 2015.
fvl. Back. Dev,:lopment of [Jjsrr : ;h- oa:;e d Oxide Materials with Advanced Optical Properties. /nvited
4 ,,5
seminar at Kyoto University, Kyoto, April 2016.
M. Back, E. Trave, J. Ueda and S. Tanabe. Cr:J+-dope<l Bi.Ga,Os fcr fìalic,nreiric NIR Luminescent
Thermal Sensing. Oral contribution at CerSJ-GOIV'D,'ùint Symf;s3'iun1 on Glass Science and
Technologies, Kyoto, November, 2016.
M. Back. Dual Near-lnfrared Emission in Crr+-doped Bi2Ga',)rr: A Nr:'w,3anclidat,: for Ratiometric
Luminescence Thermometry. Oral contribution at Phcts,oho, 5ai',2r" :?(tlt-.1, llc,ng-Kong, Novenrber,
Jun 2015
Sep 2014
[xtracurricular fxperiences
17rà f nternational Krutyn Summer School. Brei'k,,t,7' Throu,trln E.<perirnental, Theoretical
and Applications of Advanced Luminest:enl L.anthani,le-t)ased lViaterials. Krutyr,
16'à f nternational Krutyn Summer School. l-a,",t!tanlcl'=-,5ased p'\otonic materials and
structures: breakthrough applications and cutting eclg,t s;tstt'm.;. Krutyn, Poland.
L"r Soft Matter School. San Servolo. Ca' f:c,sca,,i l_Jnir,,errsrity c,f Verricer.
L"'Japan-ltaly Joint Symposium. Ca' Foscari Lrriversity cf r'/r:ttic:e.
5úÀ International Workshop on Photoluminescen:e irr lìarer-E:ar-h:;: Photonic Materials
and Devides (PRE'14). San Sebastian, Spain.
SPIE Photonics Europe Symposium. Brusseis, BelgiLrrrr.
Technical Skills
Apr 2014
Nanoparticles synthesis, thin film deposition by rf-magnetron $ìf,rjr;srirrl{, aild clern,cal-physical analysi:;
as XRD, SEM, CL, UV-vis spectroscopy, PL (decay curves analysis) F:-l--lR, arrd DSC-TGA.
MS Office package, LaTex, Origin, Mathcad, PowderCell, \/ES'l-A. Casino an,l:;oftvvares for Rietveld
analysis (D8WS9600, GSAS, MAUD).
Referee for 5 international journals in the fìelds of Materials Sc r-.n::€, ;rr:cr i)hys cal Chemistry.
director of
2016 (Best Art
I nterests
- Photography
- Travelling
photography of the documentary film:
Feature Award at Eugene Film Festivai
- Clìrnbirg
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