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Struttura Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali Comparati
Sito web struttura: http://www.unive.it/dslcc
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Museum Educator

From Sept 2015

Civic Museums of Venice (Venice)

  •  Co-designed and led the Looking for the right words, and Animal Classification educational programmes aimed at engaging secondary school students with science and art contents through English as a foreign language.
  • Co-designed the Exploring the lagoon programme together with the science educators working at Limosa.
  • Co-designed the materials within the abovementioned programmes.
  • Helped with the English translation of materials related to other exhibitions and educational programmes.
  • Helped with the teacher inset and liaised with teachers on how to bridge the gap between the school and museum lessons. 

Tutor-BA and MA Courses

From 2016

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

  • BA Courses (in class tutor): Glottodidattica (2015/2016), English Language 1 (2015/2016).
  • MA Courses (online tutor): Theories of Language Education (2016/2017), Psychological Aspects of Language Education (2017/2018).
  • Prepared additional materials and activities to support students’ learning in class.
  •  Monitored online discussions and gave feedback on online activities (MOODLE).
  • Revised the contents of the courses with the students.
  •  Checked homework and informed students’ of possible learning strategies.
  • Helped students to prepare for the exam through online support.

Tutor-Corso Formazione Professionale CLIL

From 2016

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and MIUR

  • Supported content (i.e. science, history, technology, art etc.) teachers’ understanding and use of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodological practices in class and online.
  • Helped with teachers’ assessment through evaluating their final project works and oral exam.

CLIL Teacher

Nov 2016-May 2017

IIS Marco Polo (Venice)

  • Co-planned a CLIL Science module together with the science teahcers and co-delivered 40 hour lessons to 1st and 2nd year students of Liceo artistico.
  • Planned and delivered a CLIL art module and delivered 10 hour lessons to 1styear students of Liceo classico both at school and at the Archaeological Museum of Venice. 

English Language Teacher

Nov 2014-March 2015

Sakarya American Academy (Turkey)

  • Taught students of all ages and levels, both in groups and one-to-one.
  • Prepared materials and lesson plans.
  • Tested students’ English level and advised them on best learning strategies.
  • Planned and delivered art and music activities for kids, juniors and teens.
  • Helped with marketing activities towards attracting new students.

Learning Facilitator

Feb 2014-April 2014

University Ca’ Foscari of Venice-Exhibition Space (Venice)

  • Co-designed and co-delivered a series of workshops, aimed at children aged 6 to 10 years old, based on the exhibition of Russian artist Viktor Popkov.
  • Took care of the social media presence of the Ca’rte Lab project.

Education Intern and Museum Educator

Feb 2013-Jun 2014

Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Venice, IT)

  • Delivered the project A scuola di Guggenheim, aimed at educating schoolstudents of all ages and cultural backgrounds about Modern and ContemporaryArt.
  • Planned and led guided tours and creative workshops for school groups.
  • Educated both teachers and students on the different materials andtechniques related to the workshops.
  • Liaised with teachers, helped to manage school bookings and advised ongallery trails.
  • Delivered public events for adults and families, such as the Carnevale deiragazzi (The Venice Biennial Foundation).
  • Delivered the INSET for teachers as regards the new project A Scuola diGuggenheim 2013/2014.

Marketing Assistant and Member Services Executive

Nov 2010-June 2012

Research Now (London)

  • Edited and proofread Italian and English documents.
  • Supported the sales team with the production of promotional literature, fliersand fact sheets.
  • Helped to manage the corporate websites and database.
  • Provided customer service duties and guidance/insight based on localknowledge/customs.
  • Assisted  with  the  selection  of  interns  through  liaising  with  the  Erasmus Placement agencies of Italy, France and Germany.


Angel for Kids University

2017 and 2018 editions

University Ca’ Foscari of Venice-Pleiadi

Collaborated with Dr. Warren Raymond Lee Cairn of the CNR in designing and delivering two workshops related to climate change and aimed at primary and secondary school students.

Translation Nation Workshop Leader Assistant

Feb 2012-Apr 2012

Eastside Educational Trust (London)

  • Assisted  the  translator  with  the  delivery  of  the  Translation  Nation Project,  aimed  at promoting multilingualism in primary schools in inner London.
  • Prepared and set storytelling, creative writing and theatre sessions.
  • Collected photos and videos and organised materials to share on the EastsideEducational Trust website.
  • Liaised with teachers and translators.


·      Museo Popoli e Culture (Milano). “Lingue e linguaggi al museo” (25 May 2018).

·      Camelot Cooperativa (Ferrara). “L’apprendimento affettivo, multisensoriale e ludico: prospettive per l’insegnamento dell’Italiano L2 al di là della classe” (05 May 2018).

·      Isoipse (Feltre). I musei e le nuove culture digitali: corso di formazione per operatori museali”. Delivered two sessions on how to engage visitors with museum contents through digital tools (April 2018).

·      Civic Museums of Venice (Venice). Professional development aimed at museum educators of Coopculture, Limosa and Civic Museum of Venice. (September 2017)

·      ERPAC-Ente regionale per il patrimonio culturale del Friuli-Venezia-Giulia (Udine)“Didattica museale in lingua straniera” (September 2017).

·      Fondazione François Pinault (Venice)Co-designed and co-delivered a 30 hour training workshop aimed at their museum educators in relation to the design and delivery of educational programmes in Italian as a second language for migrants and Italian language students of all ages (April-May 2017).

·      Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Venice)Organised and coordinated the seminar called “Didattica museale in lingua straniera” (24 Settembre 2016).

·      Associazione Rete degli Orti Botanici della Lombardia (Bergamo).Delivered two training sessions during the workshop “Orti aperti al mondo: comunicazione, educazione, ruolo sociale” (28-30 Novembre 2016).


·      Summer School SIREF “La formazione dei talenti”, Ca' Foscari University of Venice (4-7 Settembre 2018). Presentation: “CLIL al museo. Verso un modello di educazione linguistica integrata”.

·      Language in Focus Conference (Cyprus) (2-4 Marzo 2017). Presentation: “The museum turn in foreign language education: bridging the gap between in- and out-of-school learning”.

·      IV Conference of Società di Didattica delle Lingue e Linguistica Educativa (DILLE), La didattica delle lingue nel nuovo millennio: le sfide dell’internazionalizzazione (2-4 February 2017). Part of the Organising Committee, Chair and Presenter. Presentation: “Museum learning through a foreign language: the impact of internationalisation”.

·      Seminar “Didattica museale in lingua straniera” (24 Settembre 2016), Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Organiser, Coordinator and Presenter.

·      “OGSD Nachwuchstagung: Sprachendidaktik der wissenschaftliche Nachwuchs im Dialog” (May 2016) organised by the University of Wien. Presentation: Planning educational programmes through English in the museum context.

·      LAKMA-Focus on CLIL (16-17 October 2015) in Vilnius (Lithuania). Presentation: "Planning and delivering museum CLIL educational programmes".

·      Think CLIL (28-30 August 2014), Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Presentation: “A museum study programme for students of a foreign language: issues in planning and implementation”.




Ph.D. in Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies and Linguistics

Sept 2015

  University Ca’ Foscari of Venice (Italy)


MA in Science of Languages

Oct 2012- Jun 2014

University Ca’ Foscari of Venice (Italy)

MA in Applied Linguistics

Sept 2010- Nov 2011

University of London (Birkbeck College)


BA in Humanities

Sept 2006-May 2010

University of Florence (Italy)



Languages: English (fluent, IELTS C2), Italian (native speaker).  

ICT:  Microsoft  office  package,  Adobe  Photoshop,  MAC  programs  and  I-Move.



International House-Accademia Britannica (Rome, Italy)


8 hours of assessed classroom teaching, 3 hours of classroom observation, 3 hours of online observation, seminars (phonology, vocabulary, grammar etc.), assignments which focused on students’ skills development, language analysis and teacher’s personal development.


Ca' Foscari University of Venice 

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