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Dipartimento di Studi sull'Asia e sull'Africa Mediterranea
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Current position

9/2019-Present  Assistant Professor, Korean Studies at Department of Asian and North African Studies, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy


Previous assignments

11/2016-8/2019    Lecturer in Korea Studies, Cluster Asia and Europe, Universität Heidelberg, Germany

04/2015-03/2017   Part-time Researcher, Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies at Kansai University, Japan

04/2015-09/2016   Lecturer (East Asian Culture, Academic Korean language), Kansai University, Japan

10/2015-08/2016  Korean language instructor, King Sejong Institute Foundation of Osaka, Japan

04/2013-03/2016   Lecturer (Korean instructor), Osaka College of Foreign Languages, Japan


Education and training

04/2012-03/2015   Ph.D., Department of East Asian Culture, Kansai University, Japan

                            Dissertation: “The Development of Modern Korean Confucian Studies at Keijō Imperial University” 

04/2010-03/2012   M.S., Department of Cultural Interaction Studies in East Asia, Kansai University, Japan

                            Thesis: “Takahashi Tōru’s Korean Studies in the Modern Age”

03/2005-02/2009 B.S., Department of Korean Language & Literature, (Second Major: Department of Philosophy) Yeongnam Univerisity, Republic of Korea


Teaching Certificates

Teaching Certificate of Korean Language and Literature (No.16899), Education Office of Republic of Korea

Teaching Certificate of Philosophy (No.16899), Education Office of Republic of Korea

Korean Language Teacher Certificate (No.008-03-325), Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Korea


Research grants and scholarships

From 2020 Academy of Korean Studies Grant: Seed Program, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, participated as a co-researcher

From 2019 to 2021 Academy of Korean Studies Grant: Seed Program, Heidelberg University, participated as a co-researcher

05/2018-04/2019   AKS Grant 2018, Competitive Research Funding

19/03-21/03/2018   Erasmus+ mobility to Stockholm University

04/2012-03/2015   Japanese Government Scholarship

04/2010-04/2012   Scholarship, Kansai University Global COE research center




  • Monography
  1. Hyojin Lee, The Study of Korean Confucianism in Keijō Imperial University: formation and Development of Modern Knowledge,  Tokyo: Bensei Shuppan (February 2016), ISBN:978-4-585-21031-3


  • Peer-Reviewed Articles
  1. Hyojin Lee, “Rereading Memories of a New Woman in Colonial Korea: The Changing Narratives on Ch’oe Yŏngsuk”(Forthcoming)
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  • Translations and introduction papers
  1. Hyojin Lee, "Swedish Documents on Korean New Woman Choi Yeong-Suk (1)," EWHA SAHAK YEONGU 62, June 2021, pp.  425-445.


  • Book chapter
  1. Hyojin Lee, "Human Networks of Keijo Imperial University and the Assistants Association Program - Focusing on faculty of law and literature," Tongashia chishik inmunhagŭi chip'yŏngŭl t'amsaek'ada [Exploring the Horizon of the Knowledge of East Asian Humanities], Kyŏngjin, June 2019, pp.350-359.
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  • Others
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