PARPINEL Francesca

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041 234 7442 / 041 234 6664
0422 513 715
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Dipartimento di Economia
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Sede: San Giobbe
Centro Interdipartimentale "Scuola Interdipartimentale in Economia, Lingue e Imprenditorialità per gli Scambi Internazionali"
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Sede: Treviso - Palazzo San Paolo

Academic Degree and Appointments:

  • Education: “Laurea” in Statistics Applied to Economics, University of Padua, 11-07-1990.
  • Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Padua, december 1994.
  • Assistant Professor in Statistics 1996-2002.
  • Associate Professor in Statistics 2002- .
  • Coordinator of teaching committee of Bachelor's Degree Programme in International Trade and Tourism (2011-2018).

Teaching Experience: 

  • Statistics, Multivariate Statistics, Laboratory of Statistics applied to Economics, Computing skills for Economics, (first-level degree).
  • Laboratory of Statistics applied to Economics, (second-level degree).
  • Probability and Statistics (Ph.D.).

Main Research interests:

  • Estimation methods for regressions on complex spaces.
  • Estimation with evolutionary algorithms for models with regime changes.
  • Evolutionary approach application to trading system.
  • Statistical Measures of systemic risk.

Organization of Scientific Meetings:

  • SCO99, SCO2001 e SCO2003 (1992, Venice).
  • SIS 2015, Statistics and Demography: the Legacy of Corrado Gini (2015, Treviso).
  • MAF (2008-Venice, 2012-Venice, 2016-Paris).

Scientific memberships

  • SIS, Italian Statistical Society