Cristiano VARIN

Professore Ordinario
041 234 8403
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Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Informatica e Statistica
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Sede: Campus scientifico via Torino
Stanza: studio Z.A11 (edificio Zeta A, 1° piano)
Research Institute
Research Institute for Complexity


  • February 2003 PhD in Statistics, University of Padova
  • July 1999 Laurea in Social Statistics, University of Padova (score 110/110 cum laude)  


  • January 2020 - present: Full Professor in Statistics, Ca' Foscari University
  • October 2015 – December 2019: Associate Professor in Statistics, Ca’ Foscari University
  • February 2007 – October 2015: Assistant Professor in Statistics, Ca’ Foscari University
  • February 2007: Visiting Professor (1 month) at University Paris V René Descartes 
  • February 2003 – January 2007: Various post-doc positions at Univesity of Padova and University of Udine  


Cristiano Varin’s research interests span statistical methodology and applications. He is internationally recognized as a leading figure in the diffusion of composite likelihood inference. He wrote two highly cited papers that are commonly cited as key references of composite likelihood methods. Other methodological work has regarded copula regression, meta-analysis, paired comparison data modelling. A special interest is the development of free and open-source statistical software in the R language.


  • Ca' Foscari Teaching Award 2020
  • Royal Statistical Society read paper Varin et al (2015). `Statistical modeling of citation exchange among statistics journals’ read at the Ordinary Meeting of the Royal Statistical Society on May 13, 2015 and published with discussion on Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A.  
  • Gumbel lecture 2006 The Gumbel Lecture is a special plenary named lecture annually awarded to a young statistician by the German Statistical Society.  


  • American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Italian Statistical Society, Royal Statistical Society


Invited conference talks

  • September 2021, Kiel University, German Statistical Week
  • January 2020, University of Udine, Workshop Advances in Statistical Modelling and Inference 
  • December 2019, University of London, 12th ERCIM International Conference
  • December 2018 University of Pisa, 11th ERCIM International Conference
  • October 2018 Aachen University, Workshop Challenges for Categorical Data Analysis
  • December 2017 London, 10th ERCIM International Conference
  • July 2017 University of Cambridge, Scalable Statistical Inference Workshop
  • May 2013 University of Warwick, i-like (intractable likelihood) Workshop 
  • September 2012 ENSAI Rennes, GDR Statistique & Santé 
  • September 2011 University of Pavia, 8th Scientific Meeting CLADAG  
  • August 2010 University of Gothenburg, 73rd Annual Meeting Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • September 2010 Brighton, Royal Statistical Society Conference 2010
  • July 2009 EPFL Lausanne, Workshop on Spatial Extremes and Applications 
  • September 2006 Dresden, Annual Meeting of the German Statistical Society    

Invited talks at university departments or research centres 

University of Southampton (2022); Sapienza (2021); Wien University Economics and Business (2016, 2013), University of Innsbruck (2015), Hasselt University (2012), University of Copenhagen (2011), University of Toronto (2011), University Pompeu Fabra Barcellona (2010), University of Oslo (2009), University of Warwick (2009, 2005), University Paris V Descartes (2008, 2007), Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (2006), University Rome Tor Vergata (2006), EPFL Lausanne (2006), University Ca’ Foscari (2006), University of Perugia (2004), University of Udine (2004).  Four invited conference discussions and 25 contributed presentations at conferences and workshops.   


  • 2018-21: Associate Editor of Statistical Methods and Applications
  • 2013-16: Associate Editor of Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C 
  • 2014: Guest Associate Editor of Statistica Sinica  



Annals of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics; Annals of Applied Statistics; Behavior Research Methods; Bernoulli; Biometrical Journal; Biometrics; Biometrika; Biostatistics; Canadian Journal of Statistics; Computational Statistics; Computational Statistics and Data Analysis; Communication in Statistics - Simulation and Computation; Econometrics and Statistics; Environmentrics; Foundations and Trends in Econometrics; IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing; International Journal of Biostatistics; Journal of Computa- tional and Graphical Statistics; Journal of Multivariate Analysis; Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference; Journal of the American Statistical Association; Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A; Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B; Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C; Journal of Statistical Software; Metron; Psycometrika; SAGE Open Medicine; Soil Research; Stat; Statistical Methods and Applications; Statistical Methods in Medical Research; Statistical Modelling; Statistical Papers; Statistical Science; Statistica Sinica; Statistics and Computing; Statistics in Medicine; Transportation Research Part B; Transportmetrika

Books and proceedings

Advances in Econometrics; Copulae in Mathematical and Quantitative Finance; CLADAG conference; Italian Statistical Society conference; S.Co conference.  

Research projects

Athens University of Economics and Business; Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research; Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada; Norwegian Council of Research; Swiss National Science Foundation; The Royal Society of New Zealand.