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RIC assessment for non attenders

Pubblicato il 21/05/2019

Non attenders cannot be part of the continuous assessment programme, and will have to do the exam.

The written exam  consists of an argumentative essay (350-450 words) based on the opinions and facts in two or more texts on a theme pertaining to International Relations, and a listening test in which students are required to summarize the main points in a text relating to a topical issue in IR. The exam lasts two hours. You are allowed to use a monolingual dictionary.

The oral exam takes the form of a paired discussion with another student. Students are given a motion pertaining to International Relations, and are required to present arguments in favour or against the motion.

The two exams are usually held consecutively on the same day.

For examples of typical debates, see the attached past (2016) calendar of student-led debates.




LLEAP / JDEAS assessment for non attenders

Pubblicato il 21/05/2019

The exam consists of two parts: a written part and an oral presentation, which usually follows the written part on the same day.

Non attenders should read the course description in full, to make sure that they are aware of the course objectives. In particular, they should note the assessment procdures:

Per il modulo sono previsti due modalità di valutazione: una valutazione in itinere per studenti frequentanti, o un esame scritto e orale per studenti che non frequentano (o che non vogliono essere valutati in itinere). In linea con gli obiettivi formativi, lo studente deve fare una presentazione orale di circa 12 minuti su un argomento concordato, per poi rispondere alle domande della classe (valutazione in itinere) o del docente (esame tradizionale), per circa 15 minuti; deve inoltre scrivere un’ introduzione critica all’argomento. Questa è una valutazione soggettiva, che è affiancata da un elemento oggettivo (per la valutazione in itinere), basato sul numero dei contributi al dibattito in classe.
Per quanto riguarda le esercitazioni del lettorato, sono previsti due compiti scritti: il primo un ‘critical essay’ riferito a un programma di lettura che riguarda un autore contemporaneo non native speaker (in linea con il tema predominante di inglese lingua franca), il secondo un ‘free-standing essay’, oppure una traduzione di un testo verso l’inglese, sempre in un contesto di scrittura academica.

Non attending students should prepare an oral presentation to last about fifteen minutes on an agreed topic within the theme of 'aspects for English today'. Students will then be asked questions on the topic for a further ten to fifteen minutes.

The topic of the presentation should be agreed with me (by email or during my office hours) at least one week before the exam. Students should send me the abstract (300 words with a 10% tolerance) by email attachment before the exam. The abstract should be ,  and should be written in an appropriate formal style.

You should also contact Dott.ssa McQuillan for more information about the extensive reading programme and related writing tasks, which are also part of the evaluation.

Writing task for LLEAP (continuous assessment) CLARIFICATION

Pubblicato il 03/05/2019

The abstract for your presentation should be approximately 300 words, and you should let me have a print out by the penultimate week of the semester, (week beginning May 6th) which you can give to me during the lesson, or leave for me at Palazzo Cosulich. Please also send me a copy as an email attachment.

The abstract should be written in an appropriate formal style, using the present or future ('will') tense: 'We show /will show how this variety of English developed during....'

However, it doesn't have to use metalanguage (i.e. it doesn't have to make references to the presentation, as in the above example). An alternative approach is simply to summarize the contents of the presentation in an efficient way for the reader/listener. But probably most writers would use a self-referential style.

Since it is short, you should take care to correct it, and to be careful with punctuation and spelling as well as grammar, lexis, and structure - but don't over-structure! 

The abstract counts towards the assessment of the module, along with your presentation, the slides, your handling of the questions, and your contribution to the course with questions from the floor..


The abstract should be the work of an individual, even if the presentation was made jointly. Each abstract will thus be different, and entirely the work of a single writer.



Writing task for RIC (continuous assessment)

Pubblicato il 03/05/2019

Writing task for students doing continuous assessment.

Students should write an argumentative essay (500 – 700 words), the title of which should be the motion debated by the student (or presented by the chair).

The essay should NOT however be a summary of the debate; rather, it is a presentation of the arguments for and against the motion, arguments which may or may not have featured in the debate. It should argue these points coherently and clearly, with a judicious use of examples, and conclude with the writer adopting a position in favour or against.

A level close to or above C1 of the CEFR is expected. Marks will be awarded for features such as


Appropriateness of content and choice of examples

Appropriate structuring

Style, including rhetorical-persuasive features

Lexical range

Formal accuracy

Appropriate citing of sources

It goes without saying that the work should be your own, and not plagiarized from any source.

The writing task counts for one third of the overall mark for the continuous assessment module. The other marks come from your performance in the debate, and your contribution to the course wtih questions from the floor.

The task should be sent to me as a word doc email attachment, and I also require a print out which can be given to me on the last but one lesson of term (May 9th) or left for me at the porter's lodge in Cosulich.

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