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Orario ricevimento online a.a 2022/23 mercoledì ore 11.00, Palazzo Cosulich  Office hours 2022/23  wednesdays 11.00 in Palazzo Cosulich.
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Please note I will be absent on study leave from September 10th to October 20th. Students who need to contact me urgently should do so by email.


Pubblicato il 08/09/2022

In attachment you will find the slides used in the presentation to matricole held on Spetember 7th.

You will find information about groups, textbooks, and assessment.

Please note that my moodle will be opened at the beginning of the second semester, when I shall be teaching the course 'The sound sytem of English', In the first semester, you should identify your lettorato group (Dott. Conboy, Dougherty, or Moore) and attend their courses.

Pubblicato il 03/09/2022

The course consists of two main strands. It will be held in person.

The first of these ('lettorato') is held throughout the year and is aimed at developing critical reading and writing skills at around the C1 level of the CEFR. The course is taught by Dr McQuillan (surnames of students beginning A-L) and Dr Bleasdale (surnames of students beginning M-Z). Lessons begin in the first week of the first semester and you should check their webpages for times and rooms, and for information about the set texts.

The second strand ('module') is held during the second semester by myself (group A-L) and Prof. Riggs (M-Z). The theme of the module is 'aspects of English today', and offers students the chance to research and present on a wide range of topics such as world Englishes, the expanding lexicon, the language of literature, and English as a lingua franca. More information about the module will be made available on the course moodle which will be opened before the beginning of the second semester.

Pubblicato il 03/09/2022

The course consists of three strands, at around C1 level of the CEFR: writing skills, presentation skills, and debating skills. The first two are taught throughout the year; the debating skills 'module' in the second semester.

The first two strands are taught by Dr Witherby and Dr McQuillan. Please study carefully the attachment which they have prepared and which gives information about timetables and groups. Lessons begin in the first week of the first semester.

The debating skills 'module' is divided into three groups. Students whose surnames begin with letters P-Z will attend my module. All other students will attend the modules of Prof. Ludbrook. You will find more information about the module on this page, and especially on the moodle which I shall open nearer the beginning of the second semester.

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