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Dr. Danail Hristozov is the Head of Research at Greendecision Srl, a spin-off company of University Ca’ Foscari of Venice in Italy. There he performs integrative research across the areas of risk assessment, management and governance of bio and nanomaterials used in medicine and consumer products as part of the large-scale EU H2020 projects GRACIOUS, BIORIMA, REFINE, caLIBRAte, Gov4Nano, NanoInformatix and SAFE-N-MEDTECH.

Danail has been a senior research scientist at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics of University of Venice, where he acted as the Principal Investigator of the large-scale EU FP7 project SUN. Over the last years Danail contributed to several EU projects, including MARINA, NANOforART, ENPRA, ITS-NANO, GLOCOM, ECONANOSOPRB and EPSEI, also as research staff of the private sector companies Venice Research Consortium and Veneto Nanotech. In his early years as a researcher, Danail was employed at the Chair of Industrial Sustainability of the Brandenburg University of Technology in Germany.

Danail has started initiatives to promote his research internationally and transfer knowledge and skills to the new generations of researchers. Specifically, he founded the Working Group on “Training” and co-chaired the Working Group on “Risk” of the European NanoSafety Cluster. He also launched and currently co-chairs the Society for Risk Analysis Roundtable with the NanoSafety Cluster, which aims at advancing science and policy, training and education, information exchange and dissemination in the nanosafety research area with a special focus on risk governance. He has been a member in the scientific programme committees of numerous conferences, workshops and training schools and is on the editorial boards of the Environment Systems and Decisions and NanoImpact journals.