Summer intensive Italian courses

Online Summer intensive courses of Italian language and culture

July, 5th - August, 6th 2021

Ca’ Foscari’s School for International Education (also known as CFSIE) will be offering online intensive Italian language and culture courses in Summer 2021 to provide an effective and consolidated manner to start or keep on learning Italian.

The intensive course calendar will allow students to complete in over just a few weeks a learning process of Italian language embracing both linguistic and cultural features including a virtual full immersion in the wonderful city of Venice.

Erasmus and international students enrolled in Ca’ Foscari, members of partner universities, but also those who are lovers of the Italian language and culture, as well as of Venice, will find these online courses an invaluable instrument for a communicative approach to Italian language learning.

Online Study

Our online courses feature “distance learning” thanks to the the use of multimedia learning instruments. 

The classes offered by CFSIE include:

  • direct classes in live streaming using the Zoom platform;
  • distance learning activities, supervised by the class’ language expert, on the Moodle platform

The courses are held by highly qualified native speakers of Italian.

Course features

Duration and enrolment

The online intensive summer courses 2021 are scheduled in 4 or 5 weeks (according to the class level), from July 5th to August 6th 2021. Classes will be held on a daily basis, from Monday to Friday. 

Enrolment is closed.


The courses cover all levels - from A1 to C1 - of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Each class will be activated only if a minimum number of applications are received.


  • Levels A1 and A2, 50 hrs of online Italian language classes
  • Levels B1, B2 and C1, 70 hrs of online Italian language classes
  • Final test
  • Final certificate of attendance and grade according to the CEFR framework.

Each course level is accompanied by a 6-hour Italian Culture class.

Attention! The summer intensive courses are not credit awarding and cannot replace the Italian courses for Exchange students

Italian Culture class: history and arts in Venice throughout the centuries

An Italian Culture class (6 hrs) regarding history and art in Venice will be offered to complete the summer language course session. It consists of 4 virtual tours, held by an expert, around the most symbolic places in the city.

It will provide students with an overview of the most important masterpieces of Venetian art and architecture for a better understanding of the elements and specific features that made Venice be known as a “unique” city in the world.

The virtual tours are every Friday morning and will be held in English in order to allow attendance of students from all classes, whatever their knowledge of Italian. The program is as follows:

  • 9 July 10.00-11.30 - How Venice was founded, built on water and expanded over the centuries. The reasons for building a city in such a harsh and unwelcoming location consisting of sandy islands in a lagoon, and subject to flooding by sea water.
  • 16 July 10.00-11.30 - Rialto: the economic center of Venice versus San Marco, the political heart  of the city. Venice has been the port of Europe for centuries, and the Venetian political system is still studied as an example of longevity and organization.  Our starting point in order to understand the evolution of Venice in all its uniqueness.
  • 23 July 10.00-11.30 - The Lagoon of Venice between past and present. Venice is surrounded by 550 square kilometers of lagoon, but has it always been this way? How  did the Venetians divert rivers and set up barriers against the sea to leave the lagoon unaltered?
  • 30 July 10.00-11.30 - The so-called "Scuole"in Venice: foreign communities, devoutness, social assistance, arts and crafts. Just some of the  elements on which Venetian society was founded and which have contributed to the city's development.

Technical requirements

The online courses are accessible by means of an up-to-date PC, laptop, notebook or tablet, a stable, fast Internet connection, preferably with unlimited Gigabytes, and connected microphone and webcam.

All applicants must already have the aforementioned equipment available at the time they enrol in our courses.

Classes will only be activated if a minimum number of applications is received.

Dates: July, 5th - August, 6th
Day and time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 to 11:30 CEST
Classroom: online classes
Instructor: Ivana Azzalini
Final test: to be defined
Office hours: to be defined
Textbook: DIECI lezioni di italiano
ISBN 978-88-6182-621-2

Dates: July, 5th - August, 6th
Day and time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 to 12:30 CEST
Classroom: online classes
Instructor: Sarah Zilio
Final test: to be defined
Office hours: to be defined
Textbook: Nuovo Contatto B1
cartaceo  ISBN 9788858308653 oppure in alternativa digitale (MyLim) ISBN 9788857719399 


Dates: July, 5th - August, 6th
Day and time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 to 12:30 CEST
Classroom: online classes
Instructor: Francesca Ardizzone
Final test: to be defined
Office hours: to be defined
Textbook: Nuovo Contatto B2
cartaceo ISBN 9788858308660 oppure in alternativa digitale (MyLim) ISBN 9788857719405

Dates: July, 5th - August, 6th
Day and time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 to 12:30 CEST
Classroom: online classes
Instructor: Silvia Scolaro
Final test: to be defined
Office hours: to be defined
Textbook: Nuovo contatto C1
cartaceo ISDN 9788858303122 oppure versione digitale 9788857730981

Welcome back! In order to proceed with enrolment in your next Italian language course, the first thing you need to do as a returning student is to fill in the form online. Please follow the steps outlined below.

How to enrol

  1. Fill in the online form with all the personal information required, your credentials (Ca’ Foscari “matricola”) and your desired class level.
  2. Wait for our email confirming that the desired class will start. We remind you that the courses will begin only if a minimum number of students enrol.
  3. Pay the fee through the PagoPA system; you will receive the link by email only once you have received the confirmation that the desired course level will begin. The payment deadline is a fixed date and no extensions are possible. Please make sure that you email a copy of the payment receipt to no later than the date stated in the section ”Fees and payments”.

Welcome to SIE! In order to proceed with enrolment in our standard Italian courses as a first-time student, please follow the instructions provided below.

  • Register online at Ca' Foscari, by filling out your personal data, permanent address (official residence) and temporary address if any, existing Tax payer code, etc. NB. Please be careful to indicate any double names and surnames so that the computer system can generate a correct temporary tax payer code to use only for your enrolment, if you have never applied for a permanent one from the Italian Tax authorities. At the end of the registration process click on Confirm: you will receive a username and a password with which you can sign up for your Italian language course. If you have forgotten your username and password you can use the recover password function or apply to
  • Fill in the enrolment form online to enrol in the courses by selecting: "Enrolment to unlimited admission programmes", followed by "Continuing Education" and finally "School for International Education". Remember to confirm your choices on all windows that open during the procedure. You will be required to upload a photo (good quality, close-up passport-photo size) in .jpeg format, and then specify the following information in the window called "Questionario":

    • what type of student you are (which determines your fee)
    • which language course you wish to enrol in. N.B. This information is merely indicative, you will be enrolled in the class corresponding to your placement test result (step 3).  If you are an absolute beginner, please choose A1 level.

    ATTENTION! Within approx. 24 hours, you will receive by email your temporary account for your placement test.

    • Take the placement test by entering the Moodle Platform using your temporary account so that we can fit you into the right class. If you have never studied Italian you do not need to take the placement test. If you do not wish to take the placement test since you consider your level higher, please email us a certificate providing evidence of this

    Have you ever attended a standard Italian language course at the SIE?

    Types of students and fees

    Types of courses Fee Discounted fee*
    50-hour course €350 €260
    70-hour course €490 €360

    *The discounted fee is valid for Ca’ Foscari PhD students and researchers, Erasmus and Ca' Foscari international students, students from partner universities, Ca’ Foscari staff and users who have already attended a SIE course

    How to pay

    Please arrange for the payment of the course fee only once you have received our confirmation email and do so no later than June 25th 2021 by clicking on this link. Kindly email a copy of the payment receipt to the following address    


    Refunds are granted only in case the course has not been organized or in the event of objective and documented impossibility for the applicants to participate.


    The School for International Education (SIE) issues certificates in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. In order to receive a certificate for a language course students must attend the entire course, take the final PC test and and an interview with a native-speaker language expert.

    Attendance certificates

    • Attendance certificate: for students who attend a minimum of 70% of all language classes (49 hours in 70 hour courses; 35 hours in 50 hour courses), but who do not take, or pass the final exam
    • Attendance certificate with final grade: for students who attend a minimum of 70% of all language classes (49 hours in 70 hour courses; 35 hours in 50 hour courses), and who take and pass the final exam.

    CILS certification

    In collaboration with the Università per Stranieri di Siena, the School for International Education is an officially recognized examiner for the CILS exam ("Certificazione di italiano come lingua straniera). Students who wish to certify their level of Italian as a second language can take the CILS exam at the SIE in several sessions throughout the year. Upcoming dates will be available shortly.

    The SIE also organises preparatory courses for the CILS exam for levels B1, B2 and C1.

    For further information see the dedicated webpage.

    For further information contact

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