Back to class in September: opportunities for a.y. 2022/2023


One of the main novelties for academic year 2022/2023 will be the return to in-classroom learning and teaching, without recurring to dual teaching, except for some resources for specific categories

Ca’ Foscari is returning to emphasising active teaching as a tool that promotes personal growth, relationships among people, and the experiential aspect of the educational path (in accordance with the decision made in CRUI, Conferenza dei Rettori delle Università Italiane). Depending on how circumstances change, these measures may be modified according to ministerial and regional decrees. 

Here you will find the main deadlines and not-to-be-missed opportunities to prepare for an exciting year here at Ca’ Foscari — a year full of events and activities. 

2022/2023 Academic calendar 

Organise your study plan according to the calendar of lessons and curricular activities in your study area: 

Arts and Humanities, Economics and Management

1st Semester
1st period: from 12 September to 15 October 2022
2nd period: from 7 November to 10 December 2022

2nd Semester
3rd period: from 6 February to 11 March 2023
4th period: from 27 March to 6 May 2023

Languages and Cultures
1st Semester: from 12 September to 23 December 2022
2nd Semester: from 6 February to 20 May 2023 

Science and Technology
1st Semester: from 19 September to 23 December 2022
2nd Semester: from 13 February to 20 May 2023 

Check out the Complete 2022/2023 academic calendar.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for a.y. 2022/2023 are divided in three instalments, with the following deadlines

First instalment due by 3 October 2022

Second instalment due by 12 December 2022 (except for students enrolled in the first year of a master’s degree programme, for whom the deadline is 19 December 2022)

Third instalment due by 15 May 2023

Every year, Ca’ Foscari offers a number of scholarships and incentives to provide students with high-quality education. These measures include scholarships, tuition fee reductions and exemptions, loans, and prizes for outstanding dissertations. You can also look into our student collaboration opportunities. 

Living in Venice

If you’re looking for a home in Venice, have a look at the opportunities advertised by ESU (in Italian), the new university residential complexes in San Giobbe and Santa Marta, and all the other opportunities that you will find among the student residences that have an agreement with Ca’ Foscari. You can also look for a place to stay through the private apartments advertised by Ca’ Foscari’s housing office. 

International experiences

Ca’ Foscari is the most international university in Italy (CENSIS 2021) and 13,8% of Ca’ Foscari’s students have been abroad to study — that percentage is twice the national average (Almalaurea 2021). All of our students can select courses in English, apply for a double or joint degree, and travel abroad for study, research or internships. 

Here are the main student mobility programmes: 

  • Erasmus+ for study (European Union) and Erasmus+ ICM (outside the European Union) — you can spend 3 to 12 months in one of our partner universities
  • Overseas — study at a university outside the EU
  • Swiss-European Mobility programme — study in prestigious Swiss universities
  • Visiting Students — you can study abroad for a period, in a university of your choice 

Discover all of our outgoing mobility programmes.

Become involved

Become involved in the many cultural activities and events organised by Ca’ Foscari! 

Here are some examples of what you might want to look into.

Radio Ca’ Foscari: a 24/7 radio programme which focuses on culture, music and entertainment. If you’re looking to express your creativity and challenge yourself with the recording of podcasts and interviews, look no further!

Incroci di Civiltà: this international literary festival offers students the opportunity to meet authors, translators and artists from all over the world.

Teatro Ca’ Foscari: at our theatre you can not only go to see plays, but also participate in laboratories to hone your creativity, critical thinking, and debating skills.

Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival: this is the first international festival for short films which is entirely run by a university. The festival is open to cinema and filmmaking students from all over the world.

Venetonight, Researchers’ Night: this evening all about research opens our doors to people of all ages and backgrounds, creating opportunities for getting to know each other and for discussing research. 

Art Night: this event involves many cultural institutions and organisations in Venice, offering concerts, theatre performances, cinema and art events for free until the early hours of the morning.

Musicafoscari: this project for musicians and music lovers organises workshops in which students can interact with internationally-respected musicians. If you are a musician, check out the Choir and Orchestra as well.

Choir and Orchestra: do you love music? Why not consider joining our Choir and Orchestra? Here you will have the chance to expand your knowledge of music, make new friends, and participate in concerts in Italy and abroad.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Ca’ Foscari’s University Sports Centre (CUS) offers a range of activities — including, but not limited to tennis, sailing, horse riding, rugby, athletics, fencing, skating, judo, and scuba diving. You might just want to keep in shape, or perhaps you would like to compete. Check out the CUS page (in Italian)

At Ca’ Foscari you can also take courses in Venetian rowing, kayaking and SUP, as well as dragon boat, canoeing and the galleon. 

Don't forget to check out our Chess Club

Prepare for your career

Ca’ Foscari’s Career Service helps you prepare for your career in the world of work. Contact the Career Service to improve your CV, practise your job-interview skills, receive career guidance, and develop your project in line with your ambitions. 

Thanks to a network of partnerships with national and international businesses, you can count on various opportunities to find internships and job offers. Check out what the Career Service has to offer.

Haven’t enrolled yet? 

Check out our information for degree-seeking students and contact our Welcome Unit if you have any questions.