How to set up an internship abroad

Aerei in volo sul mondo

To set up an internship (in physical, blended or virtual mode), the host company must draw up an agreement with the University.
First check whether an agreement is already in place (see the list of companies with agreements). If the host company already has an agreement, the next step involves drawing up the training project together with your company tutor and your university tutor. If there is no agreement in place, you need to ask the host company to sign a new agreement then you will be able to draw up the training project together with your company tutor and your university tutor.

Non-EU citizens are required to check well in advance the validity and the renewal conditions of their permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno) before starting their traineeship abroad. For further details, please contact the Welcome Unit.

Some of the programmes promoted by Internships Abroad Unit have specific rules and documents for the setting up of internships. If you are a beneficiary of one of these programmes, please check the forms on the relative webpages and follow the instructions given to you by the Internships Abroad staff.

Contacts and reservations

According to the decision made by the university governing bodies in December 2020, an internship carried out in a country strictly linked to Italy from a geographical, cultural and/or linguistic point of view (for example Italian-speaking Switzerland, Vatican City, Republic of San Marino, etc.) will not give any bonus point for the final degree mark. For more information on the Calculation of Degree Grade please see Characteristics and assessment of the final exam.

The following chart includes the degree programmes which require specific preconditions to carry out a traineeship. Please read it carefully and contact the relvant Campus in case of any doubt. 

During the traineeship, it is not possible to take exams and/or to attend didactic/learning/tutoring activities, even if they are online.


Visit "Elenco aziende convenzionate [ITA]" to know if the host partner has already drawn up an agreement with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

If the agreement is in force, please go to the next step Training Project and enclosed Documentation

If the host partner is not affiliated, it will have to sign the agreement, by registering on our portal and following the steps described in Internship > section Internships Abroad

In case of any doubt, the host partner can contact our Unit at

We strongly suggest that the host partner should start the process at least one and a half month before the traineeship starts, in order to finalize the process and activate our insurance policies.

After receiving and checking the document, we will validate the agreement online, in order that you fill in the training project accordingly.

Training Project and enclosed Documentation

After consulting your company tutor and receiving the confirmation from your university tutor, you will have to prepare training project using the online application and following the procedure below.

  • Log-in to Setup and management of traineeships abroad
  • Click on “Fill in the training project for traineeships abroad”
  • Fill in all the fields in the training project form;
  • Click on Submit, download and print out the documents you have obtained

You will obtain the following:

  • a reminder;
  • three copies of the training project;
  • an attendance register (including the credit recognition page);
  • a statement of responsibility to be signed by the intern.

You must sign all three copies of the training project and get them signed by both your university tutor and your company tutor.
One of these copies is yours, one must be given to the company tutor and the third copy must be submitted to us when your placement ends along with the rest of the documentation.

Please, make sure that you have completed the 4-hour Safety Course, as described here: "Formazione generale sulla sicurezza [ITA]"

Start of the Internship

On the first day of your internship you need to send by email to a scan of the training project and of the statement of responsibility, merged as a single pdf file.
In this way, your internship will be correctly activated. 

It is not possible to activate backdated or completed internships.

Attendance Register

From the first day you should record both working hours and days worked in the register. Your company tutor is responsible for countersigning each single working day. The register must be kept carefully both for insurance purposes and for credit recognition.

Intermediate Assessment

Halfway through your internship, you are invited to fill in the intermediate assessment to evaluate the progress of your placement. Click on the red button below to start!

Mid-Term Internship Questionnaire

Extensions, Interruptions and Transfers

Should any changes to the Training Project apply, you must inform the Internships Abroad Unit well in advance by email.

Please use the form here below in case of interruption, extension, business trips and send it to

After completing your internship, you must return the final documents to the Internships Abroad Unit, and namely:

  • one copy of the training project, duly signed by the three Parties;
  • the attendance register including the page with the company tutor’s assessment (and the final box dully filled in by your academic tutor only if you are a student requiring credit recognition for the internship).

Please merge the documents and create a single pdf file.
Additionally, you and your company tutor will have to complete the final questionnaire (both are available in Italian only). You will have to complete the questionnaire as first by clicking here: Personal Area > Internships Abroad > Setup and management of traineeships abroad
Then your supervisor will receive an email to fill in his/her form. In case he/she does not speak Italian, you can translate the questions and do it together.

There is no need to print out the receipts of the questionnaires. 

Last update: 19/06/2024