How to find an Internship

Connessioni tra Paesi

The various ways of finding an internship are described below. Once you have found an internship that you would like to apply for, just follow the procedure described.

If you are enrolled in the Foreign Trade, Economics and management or Comparative International Relations degree programmes, check the regulations for your degree programme: in order to set up the internship you must meet the specific requirements laid down (otherwise the internship will not be recognized in your study plan).

How to find an Internship abroad

Check the Internships on Offer

Go to your Personal Area to check the postings published by companies.

Apply for any offers that seem interesting by sending your CV to the contact details given in the offer description.

Contact the Companies that have Agreements with Ca’ Foscari

In your Personal Area you will find a list of all the companies that have agreements with Ca’ Foscari University.

You can find a list of companies in the country you are interested in by entering the name of your preferred town. Contact the company after looking for their contact details online and send them your CV. Remember that the companies may not necessarily have internship vacancies at the time.

Find an Internship by yourself

You can get directly in touch with companies or organizations that you are interested in and ask whether they have any internship vacancies. Take a careful look at their website to find out the procedure for sending a CV and motivation letter. If they express interest, find out whether an agreement is already in place. If not, you will have to ask the company to draw one up.

You will find a list of useful links to look for internship and job offers abroad to enhance your professional career. 

Recognition of equivalent Activities

Internships can be replaced by other training activities provided that they offer equivalent training content (to be established by the Teaching Committee concerned).

In some cases the Teaching Committees for each degree programme may recognize professional skills and know-how (certified in compliance with current Italian laws) as university credits (ECTS). The recognized ECTS can be considered as being equivalent to Internship Credits (DM 509/99).

Detailed information and the application form to request recognition of an equivalent activity  can be found online on the degree programme webpages or in your Personal Area (Online forms  > Student Administration).

The above application form must be completed and signed by the company and by the Head of Studies/representative of the Head of Studies and sent to the Student Administration Unit, not to the Internship Unit.

Last update: 26/09/2018