Job offers and recruiting encounters

The Placement Unit is an integrated system of services for graduating students and recent graduates intended to:

  • Provide them with support in analysing their aptitudes, motivations and competences in order to draw up a professional project consistent with their studies and recent developments in the world of work;
  • Provide them with support in their active job search;
  • Provide strategies to help them transform their personal and professional goals into reality;
  • Bring together university and world of work by creating occasions for direct encounters with professionals and recruiters.

Job Offers and Applications

Students, graduating students and recent graduates may check job offers in Italy and abroad posted in the Personal Area. A job posting board dedicated to candidates with at least one year of professional experience has been set up together with the Ca’ Foscari alumni association.

The job vacancy board is divided into sections dedicated to the University’s various disciplinary areas:

  • Economics
  • Linguistics
  • Sciences
  • Computer science
  • Humanities
  • Individuals in “protected categories ”
  • Student jobs

To apply you should send your Curriculum Vitae to the company contacts given at the bottom of each offer.

12 months after your graduation, you can consult the Alumni Job Offers (in Italy and abroad) aimed at professional profiles with one or more years of experience, developed in cooperation with the Ca' Foscari Alumni association.

Recruiting Encounters

Throughout the year the Ca’ Foscari Career Service organizes encounters with single enterprises, including international enterprises, to give students the opportunity to learn about their history, corporate values, areas of employment and selection procedures. The encounter also provides students with the occasion to submit their CVS, take part in short information talks or be selected for company assessments depending on the professional profiles being recruited.

Career Days [IT] are days full of events dedicated entirely to recruitment through programmes where students can personally meet directors of companies and familiarise themselves with the world of work. In the space of just one day you will have the opportunity to meet recruiters from leading companies, to submit your CV and find out more about the professional profiles that they are looking for.

For 2017, Career Days have doubled. In fact, there will be subdivisions for the business sectors. Here is the calendar for these dates:

  • Finance & Consulting – 30th March
  • Retail & Lifestyle – 7th November
  • Arts, Tourism and Communication – 9th November
  • Industry, Services and IT – 10th November

We also organise two recruiting events to support ‘matching’ between the most important brands in the world of fashion and food, and a group of prepared Ca Foscari students and professors, pre-selected on the base of the job profiles indicated by the companies.

Here are these dates:

  • Fashion & Luxury – 30th May
  • Food & Beverage – 31st May


If you are an economics student then the Finance Day is your event. Dedicated to job opportunities in the field of finance, it is attended by companies operating in the credit, financial, business and management consulting and insurance sectors.

During the course of the year Career Service also organizes other events, such as Meeting the companies of Fashion & Luxury [IT]. This is an exclusive event created by the Career Service to promote the matching between the most important brands of luxury and fashon industry and graduands and recent graduates of Ca’ Foscari University. All the participants are trained and prepared, after a preselection according to the professional profiles requested by the companies