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The Internships In Italy Unit is responsible for the promotion and activation of internships throughout Italy.

An internship is a period of on-the-job training that allows students and recent graduates to acquire professional skills and know-how transferable to the world of work, and to gain experience of a real work environment.

The relationship established between the employer and the intern does not qualify as an employment relationship.

If you are enrolled on a Professional Master’s Programme you have to fill in the relative form published on the Internships webpage of the Ca’ Foscari Challenge School, which will be directly responsible for carrying out the procedures to set up your internship.

Contacts and reservations

How to find an Internship

There are three ways through which you can find an internship.
Here below, you will find some directions to facilitate your search and the guidelines to help you set up your placement.

Check the Internships on Offer

Apply for the internship offers that seem most interesting to you by sending your CV to the contacts listed in the offer description.

Contact the Companies that have Agreements with Ca' Foscari

In your Personal Area, you will find a list of all the companies that have an agreement with Ca’ Foscari. You can find a list of corporate partners in a particular area by entering the name of the local municipality. To send your CV, you should contact the company directly by searching the contact details on the web. Keep in mind that companies may not necessarily have active internship vacancies at that time.

Find an Internship by yourself

You can get directly in touch with the organizations that you are interested in to ask whether they have any internship vacancies. To find out the required procedure for sending a CV and cover letter, you should look at the website of the company. Once you have successfully contacted it, you will have to follow the procedure to activate the internship.

How to set up an Internship

Your internship in 9 steps

  1. First of all, the company/organization must have an agreement with the University. You can check if there is already an active agreement by consulting the list of partner companies. Otherwise, you  will have to provide the company with the link to the web page to fill in the form to request a new agreement.
  2. Once the agreement has been signed, you will need to prepare the training project together with the company tutor and the university tutor;
  3. The internship shall last for a maximum of 12 months. In the case of curricular internships, you must reach the number of hours necessary to obtain the ECTS required in your study plan (you will be allocated 1 credit for every 25 internship hours);
  4. For each study cycle, you will be allowed to carry out several internships, with or without the acquisition of university credits, in Italy and/or abroad, for a maximum of twelve months in total;
  5. If you are enrolled on Foreign Trade or Foreign Trade and Tourism degree programme, check the course regulations to make sure that you meet the requirements to set up  the internship and  be awarded the relative credits;
  6. In compliance with the regulations in force (D.Lgs 81/2008) interns need to be adequately informed about risk prevention and safety on the workplace; the host institution is responsible for these issues. Should the host institution not be able to provide this training, you can follow the course that Ca' Foscari has specifically activated for this purpose, by asking for instructions to the relevant office of your disciplinary area, after having filled in the training project;
  7. Should you need to change any of the information entered in the original training project during the course of your internship, please notify any modifications  such as interruptions, extensions, transfers or changes carried out by the company tutor by sending an email to the competent office of your disciplinary area;
  8. At the end of your internship you and your company tutor will be required to fill in an internship assessment questionnaire;
  9. After completing your internship, you have to return the documentation to the competent office of your disciplinary area as soon as possible (N.B. Documentation should only be returned AFTER you have obtained credit recognition from your university tutor).

Internship Agreements

After receiving the agreement and checking that everything has been done properly, we will put it online so that you can begin organizing the training project.
We will take care of sending the company its copy once it has been countersigned by our manager.
In order to request an agreement between Ca’ Foscari and a company, you must ask the company to draw up the document by submitting a request for a new agreement.

Training Project and attached Documentation

After consulting your company tutor regarding the location, the working schedule, the tasks and any special terms (e.g. refunds of expenditure, canteen service, etc.), and receiving approval from your university tutor, you will have to prepare your training project using the relevant application form in your Personal Area and following the procedure below:

• Fill in all the fields in the training project form and press the “Save” button.
• You can print all the documentation by using the print window that opens automatically.

ATTENTION: make sure that the printer is connected, otherwise you will lose all the data you entered, and you will have to re-fill the form. If the documentation is not printed or saved in PDF format, you will not be able to recover it anymore.

• You will obtain:

  • a reminder;
  • three copies of the training project;
  • an attendance register (including the credit recognition page);
  • a statement of responsibility to be signed by the intern.

• You have to sign all three copies of the training project and get them signed by both your university tutor and your company tutor. You can also have the company tutor sign the documents on the first day of the internship.

Two of the three copies are yours, and one is to be left to the company tutor.

Please note that having created and having had the tutors sign the training project is not enough to activate the internship. On the first day of the internship, you will have to send the scanned document by email to the structure/unit in charge according to your disciplinary area. If the office does not receive your training project, the internship will not be activated and the insurance coverage will not be active. You will find all the details on how to proceed in the boxes Start and End of your Internship.

One of these copies is yours, one must be given to the company tutor and the third copy must be submitted to us when your placement ends along with the rest of the documentation.

Ask for practical training [ITA]

Start and End of your Internship

Start of your Internship

On the first day of your internship remember to send a scan of the training project and the statement of responsibility to the following addresses according to your disciplinary area:

In this way, the competent office can check that the training project has all the necessary signatures and that you are in the company. Remember that if the offices do not receive the documents, the internship will not be activated and the insurance coverage will not be active.

From the first day, you should carefully record your working hours in the attendance register – signing it daily and getting your company tutor to sign it every day. Use a separate attendance sheet for each month. The register is an extremely important document both for insurance purposes and for credit recognition.

The insurance (civil responsibility and workplace injury) guaranteed by the agreement signed with the host institution is active for the entire duration of the internship, as described in the training project. Should there be any changes to what stated before, such as extensions, interruptions and transfers, you have to promptly notify them according to the procedures established in the box “Extensions, Interruptions and Transfers” below.

End of your Internship

On the last day of your internship you should ask your company tutor to write an assessment on the last page of the register, along with the total hours of your internship.

For the correct functioning of the online questionnaires it is necessary that the intern completes its questionnaire first.

The final documentation, that is:

  • A copy of the training project;
  • The attendance register (including the page with the company tutor’s assessment and eventual credit recognition by your university tutor);
  • The questionnaire receipts (or completed questionnaires),

should be sent,  as a single PDF file, to the following email address according to your disciplinary area (economic area -, scientific area -, humanistic area -, linguistic area - /

Extensions, Interruptions and Transfers

You will be able to modify the details of your internship, described in the training project, by communicating them in due time, via email, to the competent structure/unit (economic area -, scientific area -, humanistic area -, linguistic area -

You are required to notify the competent structure/unit of any extensions, early interruptions or transfers by giving a prompt, written notice by email to the relevant addresses a few days in advance, indicating:

  • the name of the intern;
  • the intern's ID number;
  • the name of the host company/organization;
  • the new end date of the internship (in case of extensions or interruptions)
  • the destination, the period and the means of transport used (in case of transfers).

Equivalent Activities

Internships can be replaced by other training activities allowing you to meet your degree programme internship requirements, provided that they offer equivalent training contents. In some cases the Teaching Committees for each degree programme may recognize professional skills and know-how (certified in compliance with current Italian laws) as university credits (ECTS). The recognized ECTS can be considered as being equivalent to Internship Credits (DM 509/99).

More detailed information and the application form to request recognition of an equivalent activity can be found online on the degree programme webpages or in your Personal Area (Personal Area > Internships in Italy).

The above application form must be completed and signed by the company and by the Head of Studies/representative of the Head of Studies and sent to the Student Services Area or the pertaining Campus, and not to the Italian Internship Unit.

Contacts and Reservations

Last update: 12/10/2021