Stage all'estero

The Career Service and Internship Abroad Unit deals with the organization and management of international internships for all students enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degree programmes as well as for alumni who have graduated in the past 12 months, including traineeships funded by the European Erasmus+ programme.

Contacts and Reservations

The Service is also responsible for the promotion of internships, search for partner companies and all the administrative aspects linked to the setting up and management of internships abroad. It also organizes recruiting events and seminars to enhance the employability of its beneficiaries.

Internships represent a period of on-the-job training giving students and recent graduates the opportunity to acquire professional competences and skills transferable to the world of work.  The relationship between intern and organization shall not be considered an employer-employee relationship.
By law, the maximum duration of an internship is 12 months for students, and 6 months for recent graduates. Recent graduates may begin their internship within 12 months of graduating.

Posting of Internship Offers and Requests for Applications

Companies interested in offering Ca’ Foscari students/graduates internships can do so by posting an internship offer. All you  have to do is compile the online Internship offer form.

The various offers are examined and posted in the Personal Area of the university website on the Monday after data has been uploaded. Any applications made by our students and graduates will be made from that date onwards.

Post an internship offer

Setting up Internships

To set up an internship the host company must draw up an agreement with the University.

The next step involves the intern drawing up the training project together with their company tutor and university tutor. A training project is necessary to set up the internship properly and provide interns with the necessary insurance cover for civil liability and accidents at work.


In order to draw up an agreement, the company needs to submit a request for a new agreement (Form for new agreement), following the procedure below:

  • Fill in all required information in the form;
  • Send the information to our office and to the printer by pressing the “Save” button;
  • Print 2 copies of the agreement;
  • The company’s legal representative or proxy must initial and stamp every page of the agreement;
  • Lastly, the company must send both hard copies to the Internship Service at this address: Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, Settore Career Service e Stage Estero, Dorsoduro 3246, 30123 Venice, Italy. If the agreement is sent by post remember to include in the cover letter both name and address of the person to whom the company copy is to be returned.

After receiving the agreement and checking that everything has been done properly, we will put it online so that the intern can begin organizing the training project. We will take care of sending the company copy to the address given in the agreement.

Request for new Agreement

Start of the Internship

On the first day of their internship, the trainee must send a scan of the completed training project (with all the necessary signatures) by email to our office.

The tutor of the host partner is required to regularly sign the Attendance Register; at the end of the training experience, he/she will also have to write a final evaluation (which is integral part of the Register) and fill in the questionnaire (at the moment available in Italian only), in order to assess the trainee’s personal and professional development.

Last update: 22/10/2018