Dragon Boat

A Dragon Boat is a Chinese boat that is long and has carvings or decorations that resemble a dragon's head and tail. In a Dragon Boat 20 athletes, seated in pairs, paddle following the rhythm of a drummer at the bow, while the steerer, at the stern, guides the boat’s direction. 

Dragon Boat courses are open to Ca’ Foscari students and personnel, both at a beginner and more experienced level. Courses are held in spring (March and April) in Sacca San Biagio, Sacca Fisola. Lessons can also be held in Via Torino (Mestre) and San Servolo (Venice), depending on the number of participants, and in autumn (September and October).

Experienced paddlers and those who fall in love with this sport can join the competitive university team, Dragon Boat delle Università Veneziane – CUS Venezia, which participates annually in national and international competitions, including Italian, European and world championships and University competitions in China [ITA]

Many Dragon Boat activities are organised by Ca’ Foscari for its students and personnel: university competitions, excursions in the lagoon, and much more! 

Here are some of the annual events that take place in wonderful Venetian locations: the Lion Cup [ITA], an international Dragon Boat competition among Italian and foreign university teams; the “Gara dei Dipartimenti [ITA]” which involves students from Ca’ Foscari, VIU and IUAV, and the “Gara tra i dipendenti delle Università Veneziane "Ai remi! Ai remi!", a competition among the personnel of Venetian universities. 

Signing up and getting information

Every year there is a day in which rowing courses are presented and participants can learn all there is to know about the courses. 

Should you have any questions, please contact the Cultural Promotion Office (Università Ca’ Foscari, Dorsoduro 3246, 30123 Venezia)


Last update: 21/05/2024