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How to access the libraries

To access the libraries and their services (loan, consultation, photocopying service...) you must make a reservation throught EasyPlanning. In addition to the University badge, you must have a valid Covid-19 green certification (Green Pass). The Green Pass is not necessary if you don't plan to stay in the library for a long time (e.g for return books). For more information, see the libraries' page BALIBASBAUMBECCFZ or the Access general rules page.

Logo Yewno
Yewno Discover

Ca' Foscari presents a new platform which, through artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences and computational linguistics, connects ideas, extracted from academic publications. Yewno allows you to develop unexpected research paths with interactive graphics that allow you to easily move from one link to another. You can access Yewno from the direct link or from the widget that appears making a search in cerCa’.

Artstor on JSTOR

JSTOR and Artstor are now available on a unique platform, making it possible to search for articles and images at the same time with new features and functionalities.
You can access more than 500.000 images from Artstor archive on JSTOR.
To know more see the page Artstor on JSTOR.

Libraries software update

On Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January 2022 the library software will be updated and this could affect libraries' services: the return of the book will be registered starting from 26 January; you can't verify the availability of the book on cerCa' and there may be delays in services. You still have to book services through EasyPlanning.
For more information, please contact the libraries.

SBA in numbers: turnout 10-16/01/2022

N° hours of services reservation per library