Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials (inter-university)

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This Master's Degree Programme provides those who are interested in nano-technologies a strong multidisciplinary education in material science, chemistry and biology, preparing them to become professional figures able to design, synthesize and create new and innovative nano- and bio-materials.

You will attend classes and labs on how to prepare nano- and biomaterials and in particular on the chemical-physical characteristics, their properties, their methods of preparation and their applications. You will discover Italian or international companies or research labs with an internship.

Thanks to the skills you will gain, you will be able to apply in all the technical sectors of companies which produce, market, transform or develop materials or pursue your education with a doctorate degree.

Register in 5 simple steps

If you are a student holding an international degree and you intend of registering for a Bachelor's or Master's degree course at Ca' Foscari, before anything else, you must apply for a pre-evaluation of your study qualification and school curriculum. Register on If the pre-evaluation is successful you can proceed with your application for Ca' Foscari.

 1: verify that you fulfill the access requirements using the appropriate procedure

 2: wait for the results of the evaluation of the access requirements published

 3: register to the University website

 4: fill in the application for registration

 5: make the first instalment payment

You can take advantage of economic benefits including scholarships, tax reductions and incentives for students outside the region. Read the calls in the relevant web pages to find out how and when to submit the request.

Canteens and housing in Verona

To eat at the canteen in Verona you must request the ESU card [IT] (tessera ESU) online, indicating that you are enrolled at Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Thanks to the ESU card you will be able to get a full meal for 5.70€.

For student residencies in Verona you must contact the ESU offices in Verona [IT]. They will inform you about the available accommodations for your period of stay.