Double Degree - Master européen en Études Françaises et Francophones

The Master Européen en Etudes Francaises et Francophones is a new Master's degree proposed by a syndicate of European Universities (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and l'Université de Lausanne), which allows their students to engage in an international course of study by attending classes at two or more of the partner Universities, and enables students to benefit from mutual credit recognition.
Students which have met the credit requirements and have spent a minimum of one of their four required semesters abroad will be granted a double or triple title:

  • Master's Degree in European, American and Post-Colonial Languages and Literatures (Ca’ Foscari);
  • Master mention Lettres (Université Paris 3);
  • Master of Arts (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin);
  • Master en langues et littératures françaises et romanes (Université catholique de Louvain).
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Coordinators: Prof. Olivier Serge Bivort

Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies: Martina Ferialdi

International Office: 

Admission Requirements

At Ca’ Foscari University of Venice the programme is open to students who enrol in the Master's degree in European, American and Post-Colonial Languages and Literatures, or who are currently enrolled and wish to enter the programme. 
Students must:

  • have gained at least 24 CFU in French Literature during their Bachelor's degree;
  • have a good level of French (and a good level of German should they wish to spend a part of the programme at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin).

How to enrol

To be able to participate in the selection process, it is necessary to apply following the procedures and deadlines reported in the call for applications, published annually.

Double/joint degree selection results will be published on this webpage according to the specific timeline mentioned in the Annex A.

Calls and forms

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Enrolment in the Master's degree in LLEAP

In order to enter the programme students must enrol in the Master's Degree in European, American and Post-Colonial Languages and Literatures Students. 
Students who are already enrolled need to request an internal transfer into the programme. Students must bring all necessary documentation to the International Welcome Desk during the established enrolment period.

Filling Out Your Plan of Study

Once you are enrolled you must contact the President of the Degree Programme committee, Prof. Cristina Fossaluzza, in order to fill out or change your plan of study.

Studying abroad and returning to Italy

This programme entails mandatorily spending one semester abroad at one of the partner Universities, and students can spend up to three periods of study abroad in total.

  • Outgoing Erasmus students
    Students who have received an Erasmus scholarship for study abroad must present the necessary documentation for this specific international mobility programme. Please view this webpage and contact the International Mobility for outgoing Erasmus students.
  • Outgoing non-Erasmus students
    Students who are not Erasmus scholarship recipients can contact the programme representative at Ca' Foscari for information on other financing possibilities: Prof. Olivier Serge Bivort.

Before Leaving to Go Abroad

Before leaving to go abroad, you must:

  • agree upon the studies you will carry out while at the host University (Learning Agreement) together with Prof. Bivort and Prof. Jamet;
  • hand in your completed and signed Learning Agreement to the Ca' Foscari International Relations Office;
  • contact the partner University regarding your arrival.

Arrival at the Host University

Upon arrival at the host University you need to visit the International Relations office at the host University in order to present the following documents, and have them signed:

  • Learning Agreement;
  • Changes to the learning agreement form, should you need to modify your plan of study (all changes must be approved by the coordinator of the programme from both Universities, preferably before courses start);
  • Confirmation of the stay abroad form (only the first part outlining your arrival at the host Unviersity to be filled out during this phase).

All documents must then be sent by email or fax to the Ca' Foscari International Relations Office (; fax: +39 041 2347576).  Students must keep the original documents.

Before Returning to Italy

Before returning to Italy you must complete the second part of the Confirmation of the stay abroad form (outlining your departure from the host University), and have it signed by the host University.

Return to Italy

Upon your return to Italy you must present original copies of the following documents to the Ca' Foscari International Relations Office:

  • Learning Agreement, and if necessary, the Changes to the learning agreement form, signed where required;
  • The Confirmation of the stay abroad form, outlining your period of study abroad;
  • Transcript of Records (issued by the host University);
  • Original copies of Boarding cards and expenses receipts (housing, travel).

Graduation application

To apply to graduate students must follow the standard graduation procedure for all students of Ca' Foscari.

Last update: 13/02/2020