Master's Degree Programme in
Comparative International Relations


1. Goal

The International internship allows students to:

  • Understand other political, social and cultural situations and different economic systems
  • Familiarize themselves with international structures and mechanisms
  • Improve their linguistic understanding
  • Mature on a personal level and develop organizational autonomy and skills.

2. Period and Destinations

The internship abroad is optional, students can carry it out preferably in their 2nd year of study, with the start commencing in the following months: February/march, June/July and September/October of each academic year in EU and non-EU countries.

3. Contents of the internship

Internships can be carried out in International offices of organisms, private companies that operate on the International market, public administrations, administrations with territorial institutes, National and International organizations with International cooperation, in Italian or foreign consular offices, institutes, firms, businesses, foundations, centres of study and chambers of commerce that aim to deepen their international relations and conceptions, monitoring and carrying out of programs of international cooperation. 

4. Duration

Internships must last for a minimum of 150 hours equal to 6 formative university credits (ECTS), distributed over a minimum period of 1 month and a maximum period of 6 months.

5. Requirements

From the moment of applying for an internship, students must be in possession of the following requirements (whether in the case of an autonomous submission or in the case of starting an internship through institutions already agreed upon with Ca’ Foscari):

  • exams recorded and carried out that have a minimum of 48 ECTS, of which 6 ECTS correspond to compulsory exam in English carried out and recorded
  • possible understanding of the language of the country in which you are carrying out the internship might be required by the institution

Adequate exceptions can be evaluated and authorized by the Didactic College or by a delegate.

6. Insurance

The University covers students who are carrying out internships abroad with accident insurance and work and civil responsibility. For health insurance in European destinations, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will work as insurance, whilst in non-EU countries it is sincerely recommended that students activate private health insurance.

7. Internship Final Report

At the end of the internship students must present a report written in English on the internship activities carried out to their university tutor.

8. Finishing the internship and credit recognition

Upon finishing the international internship, the student has 15 (fifteen) days to re-enter Italy and present their record of attendance to the Internship Abroad Sector.
Before bringing the original documents to the Office, students must present the record, as well as a report written on the internship activities carried out, to the scholar (university tutor).
After having received the internship report, bearing in mind the student’s report and reading the business tutor’s evaluation, the scholar (university tutor) will evaluate the recognition of 6 ECTS for a minimum of 150 hours of work carried out (1 ECTS = 25 working hours).

Last update: 27/06/2019