Venice Short Film Workshop

Addressed to aspiring filmmakers, the Venice Short Film Workshop is a full intensive course, which offers a complete training on diverse themes: planning a story, shooting, acting and editing. Participants will create short films in a "boot camp" environment, promoting creativity and maximizing collaboration, and will have the opportunity to stimulate their talent and enhance their capabilities.


  • introductory classes: film language and elements of storytelling
  • group project: in the last three days of the workshop participants and organised into random groups, and will develop a script for a brief short film. Writing, production, directing and editing are self-managed following the tradition of the renown cinema dance workshops developed by FAMU Prague, whose instructors are present.
  • entertainment and professionalism: chance plays a role as the groups are formed randomly, and a huge aspect of the exercise is "unpredictablity", driven by a particular and fascinating…ritual.


Venice, as a location is a further added value of the workshop. The unique beauty, history and magic of the city all offer a suggestive setting for the young aspiring filmmakers, who come from every corner of the world. 

How to apply

Registration for summer 2017 is now closed. Dates, application procedures and costs concerning the future edition of the workshop will be soon available on this webpage.