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Do you want to work in a business or an organisation that deals with global markets every day? Do you want to become a strategist specialist in marketing and innovation or in finance and administration to fulfill your business potential in international organisations? This degree programme in Management, which is entirely taught in English, allows you to obtain a degree to introduce you to public and private organisations that deal with whatever circumstances may arise in international economic scene. In line with the chosen curriculum (Accounting and Finance, International Management and Innovation and Marketing), graduates from the Master’s Degree programme in Management will be able to work in industries involved with strategy, innovation, marketing, administration, corporate finance and management control.  

You will be able to apply for a double degree with important foreign university partners in the Management Department. One of the following: the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris-Europe (if you completed the Bachelor’s Degree at Ca’ Foscari in Economics and Business), the Universität Hohenheim di Stoccarda, Germany (agreement is being renewed) and HEC- École de Gestion- Université (new agreement being made).

Register in 8 simple steps

 1: read the call carefully

 2: register to the University website

 3: pre-register for selection

 4: sit the test. If you are an extra-EU student residing outside Italy you can take the test via Skype

 5: check the admission rankings

 6: if you have ranked successfully, accept your place

 7: fill in the application for registration

 8: make the first instalment payment

You can take advantage of economic benefits including scholarships, tax reductions and incentives for students outside the region. Read the calls in the relevant web pages to find out how and when to submit the request.

Selection admission ranking lists

Following the published ranking list, all the places have been assigned; therefore there will not be a second round of selection.