A bridge for ideas

Venice School of Management interprets internationalisation as a constant commitment to infuse a global, comparative and intercultural perspective into all its teaching, research and relations with the economic and social environment. We promote cultural exchange as a bridge for new ideas that can generate a positive impact on society. This is a commitment that pervades and enriches the institutional values of the entire organisation.

The School has built a worldwide network that provides an increasing number of students with the opportunity to live incredibly engaging international experiences.

Our approach

We support our flourishing global community of students in their path towards their future, by welcoming people from all over the world and promoting dialogues among students with different backgrounds and from different countries, to share new perspectives and generate new ideas. The educational model we apply primarily aims to prepare managers and entrepreneurs for the national and international market providing effective knowledge, skills and abilities to live and work in an interconnected and global society.

To provide and manage a world-class educational offer, our faculty has a strong international background, both in terms of experience and research, and productive international relationships. In addition to this, we have qualified staff fluent in English.

University partnerships and related mobility opportunities are constantly growing, and are continuously monitored with the intensification of collaborations. The selection criteria for outgoing students are selective and based on academic career achievements.

Internationalisation is mainly expressed through two action points, that are in constant evolution and in close correlation:

  • Internationalisation abroad
    Mobility of students, faculty and staff worldwide.
    By providing several mobility opportunities to infuse a global and intercultural perspective into all its activities, and to expose students and faculty to a committed and engaging international context.

  • Internationalisation at home
    A multicultural and inclusive top-level business education on campus.
    By creating a multinational and diverse environment within our home campus, hosting international top and early-career scholars, organising international workshops and conferences, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for our non-national students, and using technology to bring the best managerial education back home to those in our campus.

Opportunities at Venice School of Management

All study levels (bachelor, master and phd) are taught in English and include international content. 

In particular, as part of our internationalisation approach, we offer double degree programmes that are all run with relevant foreign partners and all linked to different study paths. VSM offers also summer school programmes, created with the goal to  promote engagement among different cultures.

Opportunities with international partners

For all VSM programmes, European and international mobility opportunities are available through the Erasmus +, Erasmus ICM, Overseas partnerships. 

Erasmus mobility is based on sixty partnerships and a dozen ICM projects, while the Overseas mobility is based on strong international partnerships.