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San Giobbe, Cannaregio 873, 30121 Venice

Scholarships and Thesis Prizes

Every year for the students of our Department we offer the possibility to join calls for scholarships, thesis prizes and stages opportuinities. Thanks to the valuable contribution of privates and businesses who belive in the quality of our teaching and in the innovation of our research, our graduating students have at their disposal several tools to make their degree programmes even more complete. We invite you to refer to the dedicated page (link in title) and to check next deadlines for the presentation of applications.

A research about network contracts between firms

The North-east "network contracts" have doubled in the last three years, exceeding the threshold of 4.100 firms involved; each of them links 15 firms on average, having 25 employees per each on average. These contracts have more than one year and half of activity and more keen, with respect to other regional areas, to find alliances with firms of other industries and other terristories. The constitution of the first "Osservatorio nazionale sulle reti d'impresa", in partnership whit Infocamere and RetImpresa (Confindustria), of witch the Department is scientific coordinartor, took the cue from the discoveries of this past research and will analyze deeper the phenomenon.

Open call Experior Project 2019/2020

The Experior Day 2019 has enhanced the work of students and enterprises involved in our project of innovative teaching. It has been a moment of sharing of ideas, to take stock of how much is still possible to do to improve the learning of our students and prepare them more efficiently for the world of work. We give thanks to all the participating enterprises, and we inform you there is a new open call for all businesses that would like to offer new projects for the next academic year. Click on the title to learn more about it.

The Wolpertinger Conference 2019 at the San Giobbe Campus

Our Campus is again the scene of an international appointment. The Wolpertinger Conference 2019 - European Association of University Teachers in Banking and Finance, one of the most important events in Europe dedicated to the economy of the Banking ad Finance systems, arrives at Ca’ Foscari from 28th to 30th August 2019. This year the two focuses at the center of the conference are the socially sustainable investments and the future of credit for SMEs.

Management, Department of Excellence: Call for Assistant Professor (tenured) position

The Department of Management has been awarded (Department of Excellence) by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research on the basis of a project comprising the creation of a new area of development called Analythics for Management. The area is meant to investigate the ongoing digital transormation and its effects on individuals, organisations, institutions, and on the society more in general. The Aim is to study this transformation as it unfolds, identifyng the leverages organisations can use to improve their performance, and the challenges they need to tacle-especially on the side of ethics, responsibility and sustainability.