Research labs

A Research with Impact

Our research aims at combining policy and practice, to ensure both academic relevance and impact.

Our Labs and Centres are indeed focused on using a multidisciplinary approach that embraces the following activities:

  • Academic research
  • Consultancy and applied research
  • Customised training, business incubators and accelerators to support companies and start-ups during their journey to becoming sustainable
  • Observatories to carry out in-depth studies, and monitor the evolution of specific areas within the Italian economic system.

VSM research Labs

AgriFood Management & Innovation Lab

Main research areas: Marketing, innovation, business models and entrepreneurship

Related projectsObservatory on food strategy and innovation

The lab aims to develop a mix of basic and applied research activities related to the management and innovation of the agri-food field, which represents one of the most vital sectors of the Italian economy and plays a significant role in the Veneto region. In particular, the lab intends to monitor the scientific debate of this sector by publishing articles in international management journals as well as thematic reports on an annual basis.

Website: Agrifood

BLISS - Digital Impact Lab

Main research areas: Data analytics and digital transformation

BLISS conducts academic and applied research with the aim of exploring the multifaceted impact of digital transformation on citizens, consumers, businesses, organisations, cities and society as a whole.
BLISS research focuses on the opportunities and risks inherent in digital transformation, both for data-intensive organisations and those that have not yet undertaken a full transition to the digital economy.


Centre for Automotive & Mobility Innovation

Main research areas: Automotive industry and mobility; innovation and entrepreneurship; strategic development

Related project: Observatory on the transformations of the Italian automotive ecosystem

CAMI is a research network of academics and experts with many years of experience in the fields of the automotive industry and sustainable mobility. The purpose of the lab is to advance academic and applied research, and to disseminate new knowledge among stakeholders. CAMI is part of an international network of excellence, together with UPENN (Wharton School), London Business School, Ecole Polytechnique and Tokyo University, and it is active in various third mission and transfer activities to companies and institutions.


Network Organisation, Information and Strategy

Main research areas: Business organisation and networks; strategic development; innovation and entrepreneurship

Related project: National Observatory of Inter-firm Networks

NOIS contributes to a culture of strategic and organisational innovation, by offering new ideas, tools, and methods. It promotes and develops research in the broad area of networks and inter-organisational relations. Its multidisciplinary approach ranges from strategy, organisation, innovation processes, economics, applied mathematics and social sciences in general.
NOIS is a founding partner of the Italian National Observatory of Inter-firm Networks (in italian "Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Reti d'Impresa"), together with Infocamere and Retimpresa.


Management of Arts and Culture Lab (MacLab)

Main research areas: Arts and culture management, data analysis and digital transformation, internationalisation.

The lab aims to be a meeting point for research and teaching activities that, in various forms, intersect with the topics of management of cultural productions.
MACLAB promotes interdisciplinary cooperation with other existing national and international research institutions. Moreover, its activities are meant to increase and systematise the communications and collaborations with the institutional, entrepreneurial, social, and political stakeholders who are committed to the growth of the cultural sector as a driver for social and economic evolution.


Industry and Labour 4.0

Main research areas: Strategic development, digital transformation, labour law, industrial relations

The lab conducts research on the impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on business strategies, adopted business models, transformations of employment relations and the labour market.
Particular attention is given to the topic of the digital transformation of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, as well as to the transformations of the labour market both in terms of new skills required, and the demographic ageing of the working population.
The lab collaborates with the University's Certification Commission and with the Italian Association for the Study of Industrial Relations (AISRI - Associazione Italiana di studio delle relazioni industriali).

WebsiteIndustry and Labour 4.0 [ITA]

Public and Nonprofit Management

Main research areas: Public Accounting, Public Service Management, Performance Management in public sector organizations, Welfare Management, Management Control in Nonprofit Organizations.

The lab is committed to promoting studies in the field of public management and non-profit organisations. It combines the design and development of research projects within national and international scientific networks with the promotion of cultural initiatives, workshops and seminars, aimed at developing collaborations and fostering the knowledge exchange between scholars, professionals and managers of the two sectors.

WebsitePublic and No-Profit Management [ITA]

Sustainability Lab

Main research areas: sustainability accounting, performance management and control; sustainable finance; sustainability and employment regulation; sustainable business models

The Sustainability Lab is a point of reference for the dissemination of academic research on corporate sustainability to companies, professionals and communities.
The Sustainability Lab aims to identify corporate sustainability approaches and best practices, monitor the most recent regulatory developments about corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting, analyse and share successful corporate practices at national and international level.

WebsiteSustainability Lab

International management to Asia - IMA Lab

Main research areas: Internationalisation of enterprises in the Asian market

The lab carries out its scientific and applied research activities in the field of business internationalisation, with particular reference to Asian markets, especially China and Japan, as well as other countries in the Far East.
It collaborates with institutions and enterprises to promote the presence of Italian companies in Asian markets. The IMA Lab is supported by the Universities of: Venice, Florence, Macerata, Trieste, Bergamo Bocconi, Modena, UIBE - Beijing, Zheijang - Hanhzhou, Xian Jaotong Liverpool - Suzhou). A Joint Research Institute was also created, consisting of: ELIM - Entrepreneurial Leadership and International Management, IMA-Lab.GERC - Zhejiang University.

WebsiteIMA Lab [ITA]

Last update: 17/07/2024