Founded in 2004 the European Centre for Living Technology (  is an international and interdisciplinary research centre established as an inter-university consortium, currently involving 16 European and extra-European institutional affiliates. The Centre is devoted to the study of technologies that exhibit life-like properties including self-organization, adaptability and the capacity to evolve.

Several Research Units are currently present and include Artificial Intelligence, Science of Complexity and Data Analysis, Arts & Complexity, Bioinspired Design, Neuroscience.

ECLT received its initial funding in 2004 through the PACE project (Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution, FP6), and continued to pursue cutting-edge research as coordinator and partner in European projects (FP6, FP7, H2020 and EuropeAid).
ECLT has developed extensive experience and competence in project coordination and planning, including the involvement of SMEs, and civil society organizations.