15/11/2018 Welcome to Prof. Philip J. Brown (University of Kent, UK) who is visiting again our Center until 22 November!
11/10/2018 Welcome to Prof. Philip J. Brown (University of Kent, UK) who is visiting our Center until next week!
10/10/2018 Workshop High Dimensional Small Data will be held in Venice on 19-20 October, 2018 Aula Mario Baratto - Ca’ Foscari University
29/09/2018 ECLT Director Marcello Pelillo speaks on the impact of AI on society at Trieste Next: "Festival della Ricerca Scientifica" (watch video)
20/09/2018 ECLT Director Marcello Pelillo invited speaker at ANNPR 2018 , Siena, Italy
10/09/2018 ECLT Fellow Guido Caldarelli published a paper in Nature Physics
07/09/2018 ECLT partner of new H2020 project AI4EU: A European AI On Demand Platform and Ecosystem
07/09/2018 ECLT Director Marcello Pelillo keynote speaker at the 3rd COST Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Finance, Winterthur, Switzerland
11/07/2018 In the paper "River landscapes and optimal channel networks" the authors, our fellow Guido Caldarelli included, examine the properties of channel networks that form a river system and can be fundamental for producing statistically realistic models.
25/05/2018 Welcome to Sinem Aslan who is visiting our Centre for a year!
25/05/2018 ECLT Fellow Guido Caldarelli published two papers in the Journal of Statistical Physics and in the New Journal of Physics
24/05/2018 The art piece "Approximation Theory" by ECLT Fellow Felipe Cucker will be exhibited at the Athens Digital Arts Festival (May 24--27)
02/05/2018 A recent European Biophysical Journal article by our Fellow John McCaskill commemorates Manfred Eigen’s 90th birthday.
26/03/2018 GREEN-WIN Workshop at ECLT
26/02/2018 M. Pelillo invited speaker at VINEPA 2018
20/02/2018 Our paper "DOTA: A Large-scale Dataset for Object Detection in Aerial Images" accepted at CVPR 2018
15/02/2018 ECLT director talks about the challenges of AI
7/02/2018 Welcome to Andreas Henrici (ZHAW)​ who's visiting our center until next week!
22/12/2017 Christmas Lecture 2017 is online. Watch the video
20/11/2017 ECLT Fellow Sergi Valverde published a paper on Nature Ecology and Evolution on the architecture of mutualistic networks. See also the corresponding blog.