Master's Degree Programme in
Conservation Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage

Master's Degree Programme in
Conservation Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage





Why enrolling in this programme


It offers a unique opportunity for scientific training thanks to state-of-the-art labs and numerous fieldwork activities, while also giving students the opportunity to work firsthand on the complex Cultural Heritage system in Venice.


To acquire solid technical and scientific training combined with skills in the fields of history and art, archaeology, archiving and bibliography and economics, also experimenting with numerous activities in multidisciplinary laboratories during which you can apply the knowledge acquired in the diagnostics of art materials


To understand and know how to apply the methodologies of investigation and the technologies of the sciences of Cultural Heritage to the study and valuation of the property, identifying its degradation processes and collaborating in interventions of recovery and conservation, as well as performing inventory, computerization and protection activities in relation to the artistic heritage in collaboration with other professional figures in the sector.

Professional profiles

You will be capable of performing diagnostic investigations, in a multidisciplinary context, to learn about the properties and characteristics of the materials used in Cultural Heritage, to identify the causes of degradation and establish the most appropriate methods and products to ensure their protection, conservation and enhancement.

You will be able to work as a Heritage Scientist , i.e. an expert in the diagnostics and conservation of Cultural Heritage, in laboratories for the analysis and characterization of cultural heritage materials, at institutions responsible for the management and maintenance of cultural heritage, local authorities and public institutions, such as museums, superintendencies, libraries, archives, as well as in companies and professional organizations operating in the sector of conservation and protection of cultural heritage.

You will be able to extend and consolidate your multidisciplinary training in the Master's degree programme Conservation Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage, developing in an international context.


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Scientific campus  
Via Torino 155, 30170 Mestre - Venice (Italy)