Master's Degree Programme in
Italian Philology and Literature

Master's Degree Programme in
Italian Philology and Literature





Why enrol in this programme


gain extensive knowledge of Italian and linguistic and cultural relations between Italy and the European and global context, from the Middle Ages to the present, thanks to the careful guidance of some of the leading specialists in the field


study at a Department of Excellence that, thanks to the high standards of its teachers and the originality of their research, is preparing to become an international reference point for Digital and Public Humanities


experience Venice and its unparalleled heritage. Venice was the world's first press capital, a centre of crucial importance for Italian literature and the codification of its language. Today, Venice is home to some of the most important libraries and archives in the world

Your future career options

work as a teacher in Italian secondary schools (after having fulfilled all the requirements of current legislation)

become a researcher and professor of Italian philology, literature, linguistics and related disciplines
(upon completion of a PhD, which at Ca’ Foscari is one of the few doctoral programmes dedicated exclusively to Italian Studies)

work as a manager and consultant in culture, information and communication


All students must fill in their study plan every year in order to register for exams. 

For the academic year 2021/2022, students enrolled in the first year can fill in their study plan from 27 July 2021. Students enrolled in the following years can fill in their study plans when their exam sessions in September are over (please refer to the academic calendar).
Study plans can be modified until 28th February 2022

For further information, please refer to the Study plan and exams page.




Malcanton Marcorà  
Dorsoduro 3484/D, Calle Contarini, 30123 Venice (Italy)