Department of Economics


12 VERA Academy internship grants: the call is open until Dec 20th

12 internship grants are available for an internship at VERA Academy of the Department of Economics. Internship will take place between January and June 2022 (maximum duration 4 months). The total funding for each internship will be € 1,843.31 (gross salary). Candidates can choose from 16 training projects to be followed in close contact with the professors and researchers of the Centre of Excellence VERA.

Air-conditioning: a rising emergency for emissions and inequalities

A study published in Nature Communications and coordinated by Ca' Foscari (by Enrica De Cian, Department of Economics) on four emerging economies - India, Brasil, Mexico and Indonesia - reveals that by 2040 between 64 and 100 million households will not be able to meet their cooling requirements. 

Venice wetlands to be “restored” with Green Deal funds

Ca' Foscari (Monica Billio and Carlo Giupponi) and the NGO We are here Venice are involved in WaterLANDS, a €23-million European project with 32 partners in 14 countries, seeking to benefit the environment and local communities. 

Why does fake news spread? A Marie Curie research fellow looks for clues

How can we decide whether a piece of news is true or false? To what extent do our offline and online communities influence our ability to detect misinformation? With the project ION: Information Diffusion on Networks, Nicole Tabasso, a Marie Curie fellow at the Department of Economics, is looking for clues.