ZOLLO Fabiana

Delegata del Dipartimento per la Comunicazione
041 234 8415
Sito web
www.unive.it/persone/fabiana.zollo (scheda personale)
Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Informatica e Statistica
Sito web struttura: https://www.unive.it/dais
Sede: Campus scientifico via Torino (edificio Alfa)
Stanza: studio Z.B03 (edificio Zeta B)
The New Institute: Centre for Environmental Humanities at Ca' Foscari University of Venice (NICHE)
Sito web struttura: https://www.unive.it/niche
Sede: Ca' Bottacin
Research Institute
Research Institute for Complexity

Fabiana Zollo is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics and Research Fellow in the Center for the Humanities & Social Change at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Her research investigates information and misinformation spreading, social dynamics, and the emergence of collective narratives on online social media. She collected several papers on this topic, with both national and International co-authors. Since 2019, she is serving as an External Expert to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). She is a member of the Task Force “Data Science” established by AGCOM, the Italian Communications Regulatory Authority. She was and a member of the Working Group established by the Italian Presidency of Council to study the phenomenon of disinformation on COVID-19.

Bibliometrics: Google Scholar, Scopus

Dr. Zollo leads the laboratory of Data Science for Society, which is a leader in the field of data and computational social science. The laboratory has consolidated experience in the quantitative investigation of misinformation and information spreading online, especially w.r.t. high polarizing topics (e.g., vaccines, migration, climate change, politics, etc..). So far, the research team has developed a system of tools (scripts, metrics, and models) that take advantage of a set of quantitative indicators such as polarization and engagement in echo chambers, topics of interest, emerging narratives, sentiment, to analyze and understand users’ interaction patterns with information on online social media.

Team members: 
Dr. Fabiana Zollo, Coordinator
Dr. Teresa Scantamburlo, Senior Researcher
Dr. Alessandro Galeazzi, Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Marco Delmastro, Research Fellow
Mr. Arnaldo Santoro, Research Fellow
Mr. Anees Baqir, PhD Candidate
Ms. Eleonora Garbin, Master Student
Mr. Davide Rossato, Master Student

  1. Local Principal Investigator in the research coalition IRIS aiming to understand ‘infodemics’ and promote healthy information ecosystems, in collaboration with the Vaccine Confidence Project (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), University of Cambridge, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Sapienza University of Rome, City University of London (and the Alan Turing Institute), 2021-2023
  2. Local Principal Investigator of H2020 EU project EUMEPLAT "European Media Platforms: Assessing Positive and Negative Externalities for European Culture", Grant Agreement ID: 824634, 2021-2024
  3. Country Expert and Mercator Fellow in the DFG (German Research Foundation) funded project DECIPHER “Deciphering the “pandemic public sphere”: Government communication, (social) media discourses on and citizens’ responses to Covid-19 in Europe and the USA”, 2021-2024
  4. Local Principal Investigator of EU REC project IMSyPP "Innovative Monitoring Systems and Prevention Policies of Online Hate Speech", Grant Agreement ID: 875263, 2020-2022
  5. Local Principal Investigator of H2020 EU project QUEST "Quality and Effectiveness in Science and Technology Communication", Grant Agreement ID: 824634, 2019-2021
  6. Affiliate in the program “Facebook Data for Good”, 03/2020 – Ongoing
  7. Investigator in the project "Overcoming Polarisation and Misinformation around Migration in Italy" in collaboration with London School of Economics (LSE) and Corriere della Sera, 2017-2019. The final report is available here.


  • Member of the Faculty Board and person in charge of the Minor in Digital Humanities, Ca' Foscari International College, 10/2019 – Ongoing
  • Member of the Doctoral Committee (Informatics), Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics,  10/2019 – Ongoing  
  • Delegate for Communications, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics,  10/2020 – Ongoing 


  • Member of the task force of data science established by AGCOM to investigate the phenomenon of misinformation on COVID-19, 04/2020 - Ongoing  
  • External expert at European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Working Group “COM - Social Research Methods and Advice”, 05/2019 – Ongoing
  • Member of the Working Group established by the Italian Presidency of Council to study misinformation on COVID-19, 04/2020 - 04/2021  
  • External consultant to the project PICS “Picturing the Communication of Science” coordinated by FRAME – Divagazioni scientifiche with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo, 2019 – Ongoing    


  • Academic Editor
    • PLoS ONE, 2019 – Ongoing
    • Humanities and Social Change Communications (formerly Palgrave Communications) 2020 – Ongoing
  • International Expert, Spanish National Research Agency (AEI), 02/2020 – Ongoing
  • Member of the PCST (Public Communication of Science and Technology) Network, 05/2020 - Ongoing
  • Program Committee Member
    • NETSCI 2020, Satellite “ROME 2 (Reducing Online Misinformation Exposure II
    • DisInfo’20 ((Information Disorder: Disinformation and Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior)
    • ICCSA 2018
  • CRITIS 2017, Poster Co-Chair
  • Referee/Reviewer: PLoS ONE, Nature Scientific Reports, Social Networks, Computers in Human Behavior, Neurocomputing, Complexity, Social Media + Society, Online Social Networks and Media


Scientific Events

  • 16/10/2020, Conference for Truth and Trust Online (TTO) (Webinar)
  • 17/09/2020 Satellite: "Reducing Online Misinformation Exposure" (ROME), NetSci Conference (Webinar)
  • 29/01/2020 Winter Workshop on Complex Systems, Charmey, Switzerland
  • 28/01/2020 Workshop on Wonder Women in Computer Science, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Padua, Italy
  • 11/12/2019 Workshop on Post-Truth, Dept. of Philosophy and Communication Studies, University of Bologna, Italy
  • 11/09/2019 Machine Learning and Security PhD School, University of Padua, Italy
  • 24/01/2019 NetSlo Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 24/09/2018 EFSA Conference, Parma, Italy
  • 27/07/2017 LogicLounge at International Conference on Computer-Aided-Verification (CAV), 2017, Heidelberg, Germany


  • 28/01/2021 UNESCO International Holocaust Remembrance Day: "Facing the aftermath: Recovery and Reconstitution after the Holocaust" (Webinar) 
  • 01/09/2020 European Conference of Science Journalism (Webinar)
  • 22/08/2020 Scienze in Vetta, Courmayeur Mont Blanc, Italy
  • 15/05/2020 IMT Alumni Talks: COVID-19 as an agent of change (Webinar)
  • 30/04/2020 Science Gallery Venice (Webinar)
  • 09-10/12/2019 European Trade Union Confederation Training on the Topic of Fake News, Ghent, Belgium
  • 28/10/2019 Conference on Ethics and Digitalization, San Servolo, Venice, Italy
  • 22/10/2019 EFSA Communication Experts Network (CEN) Meeting, Berlin, Germany
  • 15/10/2019 WFSJ European Immunization Training Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 12/10/2019 Pandora Rivista Festival, Bologna, Italy
  • 28/09/2019 Trieste NEXT, Trieste, Italy
  • 27/06/2019 Academic Roundtable at Binario f from Facebook, Roma, Italy
  • 14/05/2019 OBC Transeuropa Policy Workshop, Roma, Italy
  • 13/03/2019 Corso UNAMSI “Fake news e alimentazione”, Milano, Italy
  • 18/04/2018 Indiscienza, Collegio Ghislieri, Pavia, Italy
  • 14/02/2018 UIC Workshop on Crisis Communication and Social Media, Paris, France
  • 29/11/2017 Biblioteca Cantonale di Locarno, Locarno, Switzerland
  • 19/11/2017 TEDx Bari, Bari, Italy
  • 26/05/2017 Ordine dei Giornalisti – Consiglio Regionale dell’Umbria, Perugia, Italy
  • 22/05/2017 Ordine dei Giornalisti del Veneto, Venezia, Italy
  • 17/03/2017 Brain Awareness Week @SISSA, Trieste, Italy
  • 29/11/2016 Wissenswerte, Bremen, Germany
  • 08/10/2016 Festival delle Comunità del Cambiamento, Milano, Italy
  • 07/04/2016 International Journalism Festival, Perugia, Italy