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Struttura Dipartimento di Studi sull'Asia e sull'Africa Mediterranea
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Struttura Centro Interdipartimentale "Scuola Interdipartimentale in Economia, Lingue e Imprenditorialità per gli Scambi Internazionali"
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Nicoletta Pesaro
Born in Venice on December 13, 1967

Current position
2006- Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Literature, Ca’ Foscari University Venice

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature; Theory of Narrative; Translation Studies.

Current projects
1) Chinese fiction in the Twentieth Century: a book on Chinese fiction is forthcoming (La narrativa cinese del XX secolo: correnti, tematiche e autori, Carocci, 2019) coedited with M. Pirazzoli
2) Chinese translation; Theory and Practice of Translation from Asian languages, coordinator of the Laboratorio sulla traduzione delle lingue orientali :
3) New narratology and Chinese fiction
4) The reception and translation of Italo Calvino in China
5) Literary genres in modern and contemporary China
6) Envisioning the future in modern and contemporary Chinese literature

1999 Ph.D. in Chinese Language, Literature and History (University La Sapienza Rome)

 Academic appointments
2018- Member of the scientific board of the online journal Sinosfere
2017- Director of the book series Translating Wor(l)ds Edizioni Ca’ Foscari
2015-17 Head of Studies of the Department of Asian and North African Studies
2013- Member of the scientific board of Asiasphere, book collection of the publisher Atmosphere
2012- Member of the Scientific Committee of the Doctoral Programme in Asian and African Studies (Ca Foscari).
2012-2018 Member of the Board of the European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS).
2009-10 Deputy Head of the Department of East Asian Studies (Ca’ Foscari )
2008- Head of the MA in Interpreting and Translation for editorial and for special purposes.
2008-12 Head of the BA in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation.
2009-11 Member of the Scientific Committee for the Evaluation of Universities in France (Aeres)
2006-10 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Doctoral School in Oriental Studies

2014- European Narratology Network (ENN)
2004- European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS) 
1998- Associazione Italiana per gli Studi Cinesi (AISC)   

Grants and fundings
2017 Funding “Label scientifique et financement” from the Université Franco Italienne for the publication of the research on Globalised Chinese Literature
2017 Ca’ Foscari Teaching Mobility Grant (Nanjing Univ.)
2016 Ca’ Foscari Teaching Mobility Grant (Peking Univ.)
2015 Ca’ Foscari Teaching Mobility Grant (Beijing Academy of Social Sciences)
2012 Funding from Barilla SpA for the project ”Food and Cultural Mediation between Mediterranean and Asian Countries”
2012 Ca’ Foscari Mobility Grant (Beijing Capital Normal Univ.)

Teaching experience
Modern Chinese language; Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature; Chinese Translation; Chinese linguistics.

2018 Sept.-Oct. Guest lecturer: Fudan Univ. Shanghai
2018 June Guest lecturer: Universita Autònoma de Barcelona, Escola d’Estiu de Doctorat: Traductologia, Estudis Interculturals i Àsia Oriental
2011 November Guest lecturer: Beijing Capital Normal Univ.
2008 April Erasmus Program: Charles Univ. (Prague)

Supervised Ph.D.
2018-    Federico Picerni, co-supervision with University of Heidleberg
2015-18 Martina Codeluppi, co-supervision with Université Sorbonne - Paris 3
2008-10 Paolo Magagnin, co-supervision with Université de Aix-en Provence

Organised conferences and workshops (Ca’ Foscari)
2019  June 28-30, The 3rd East Asian Translation Studies Conference: From the Local to the Global and Back. Translation as a Construction of the Plural and Dialogic Identities of East Asia  
         April 22, Department of Asian and North African Studies/Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies -Joint Doctoral Workshop
The Evolution of Modern Translation Theory in Asia and the West  
         April 15-16, International Conference, Translation History and Translation stories
2018 May 7, Doct. Workshop, New frontiers in translation studies: ethic and translation, eco-translation, post-translation studies, gender and power
2017 October 2, Int. Workshop, Chinese Sci-Fi Literature: History, New Achievements, and Future Perspectives
        May 25-26, Doct. Workshop, Traduzione culturale, identità e migrazioni
2016 Nov. 25-26, International Workshop, Littérature chinoise et globalisation
        May 5-6, Doct. Workshop, I Translation Studies. Dimensione intralinguistica e interlinguistica delle lingue dell’Asia e del Nord Africa
2014 Nov. 26-27, Doct. Workshop, Between Texts, Beyond Words: Intertextuality and Translation. Keynote speaker: Lawrence Venuti.
        June 25-26, Doct. Workshop, Relazioni asimmetriche: La traduzione come insieme di pratiche e teorie, oggetto e strumento di ricerca
2011 Febr. 25-26, La traduzione dalle lingue orientali: limiti, specificità e prospettive
2009 May 15, Intern. Conf. The Ways of Translation: Constraints and liberties of translating Chinese

 Main attended conferences, presented papers
- July 17-19, Changsha, Univ. of Hunan, Ass. of Chinese and Comparative Literature (ACCL). Proposed panel Fitting the Space of Translation: New Geographies of Chinese Literature. Paper: «Ah Q travels to Europe: Christoph Hein’s Die wahre Geschichte des Ah Q (1983) and Dario Fo’s Storia di Qu (2011)»
- May 2-4, University of Mons, International Conference: 4 May 1919: History in Motion – A Political, Social and Cultural Look at aTurning Point in the History of Modern China, Paper: «Transculturing the May Fourth: From Lu Xun’s Ah Q Zhengzhuan (1921-22) to Dario Fo’s La storia di Qu (1989; 2011)»
- March 27-28, SOAS University of London, Chinese Translation Workshop: Translating Cultures, literature, films, and non-fiction. Invited paper: «Sinophone Routes: Between Translation, Self-Translation and Deterritorialisation»

- Venice, Dec. 17, Int. conf., Viaggi e scritture: cartografie della violenza. Corpi migranti tra culture e accoglienze: invited paper «La morte della lingua madre: inadeguatezza del linguaggio e rappresentazione del corpo in Yiyun Li»
- Hong Kong, June 1-2, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, International Workshop Translating Science Fiction, Translation in Science Fiction: Chinese and English: invited paper «Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction: The Translation of a Genre»
- Bergamo, May 11, Università degli Studi di Bergamo, China 1918: Days of the madmen The Revolution of China’s Literature Language and Politics: invited paper «Lu Xun: A «Hard» Translator Between China and the West»


- Venice, Nov. 29-30, Ca’ Foscari, Mujeres en fuga/ Femmes en fuite. Invited paper: «Xiao Hong: corpi in fuga»
- Paris, Nov. 16-18, Univ. Paris 7-Paris Diderot, Intern. Conf. The Body in East Asia’s Modern and Contemporary Literature. Paper: «Human, Inhuman, Posthuman Female Bodies in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature: Literary Descriptions of Psychological and Social Unease»
- Hong Kong, June 21-23, The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, Ass. of Chinese and Comparative Literature (ACCL). Proposed panel Transmediality, Transculturation, and the Formation of Canon: The Role of Media and Genre Adaptation in Selecting Literary Works and Shaping the Image of Literature. Paper: «Such is the Way of the Media: Non-state Narrative and the Consecrating Role of Media in Contemporary China»

- Beijing, Oct. 13-15, Peking Univ. and Ca’ Foscari, International Conf. Humanities, Different Traditions and Methodologies. Multicultural Perspectives in Chinese Language and Literature. Paper: «为什么读(译)经典?重译鲁迅的文化与语言上的挑战 Why Read (Translate) the Classics? Re-Translating Lu Xun: a Cultural and Linguistic Challenge»
- Erlangen, Sept. 27-28, Intern. Workshop on Fate, Freedom, and Prognostication in Chinese Literature. Invited Paper: «The Clash Between Personal Fate, Future, and Society in Ge Fei’s Latest Fiction»
- Tokyo, July 9-10, Meiji Univ., East Asian Translation Studies (EATS) Proposed panel Reconstructing Displaced Chineseness: Sinophone Literature and Translation. Paper: «The Resilience of Chineseness and the Desire of Displacement: Sinophone Writers Zhang Ailing and Yiyun Li in Italian Translation»
- Venice, May 6, Ca’ Foscari, Translation Studies Between Research and Practice: The Intralingual and Interlingual Dimension of Asian and North African Languages, Paper: «Diglossia, Translation, and Rewriting: The Perception of Chinese Writers at the Beginning of the 20th Century»
- Paris, Febr. 26, Univ. Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, Invited lecture Des copies originales : les traductions sans texte premier. Title:« L’écrivain en ‘quatrième personne’: traduction, identité et perspective chez Ma Jian »

- Bruxelles, Dec. 9-12, Vrije Univ. & Univ. of Ghent, Intern. Conf. Translation in Exile. Paper: «Between the Transnational and the Translational: Language, Identity, and Authorship in Ma Jian’s Novels»
- Beijing, Aug. 24-25, The 2nd International Communication Forum on Chinese Culture, Paper: «增加“文学资本”:中国当代文学的传播和接受 Increasing the “Literary Capital”: for a Better Reception of Contemporary Chinese Literature»
- Shanghai, June 17-20, ACCL, Fudan Univ. Paper: «文类的翻译: 制衡中国现代小说理论的限界与机遇 Translating Genres: Limits and Opportunities in Defining the Modern Chinese Novel»
- Paris, June 4-5, Inalco & Sorbonne Nouvelle: Colloque L'enseignement des littératures étrangères et traduction. Paper: « Par des mots au-delà des mots : stratégies cross-médiatiques dans l’enseignement de la littérature chinoise moderne et contemporaine »
- Erlangen, May 27, Univ. of Erlangen, invited lecture: «The cultural turn in translation studies and Chinese translation»
- London, Apr. 23-24, Univ. of London, Intern. Conference Translation Talk. Paper: «A ‘Violent Transaction’? Chinese Reception of Contemporary Metalanguage on Translation»
- Paris, Febr. 27, Univ. Paris 7 Diderot: Intern. Workshop Pratiques et discours modernes chinois des genres littéraires : définitions, réinventions, glissements. Invited paper: « Le discours chinois sur le roman dans les matériaux modernes de recherche et pour l'enseignement. Traduction, adaptation, domestication et foreignization d’un genre » 

- Aix-en Provence, Sept. 18-19, Colloque Intern. Mo Yan et son œuvre, traduction, réception et intérpretatios.  Invited paper : « La voix du conteur. Thèmes et modèles narratifs dans le rapport entre Mo Yan et l'écriture d’Italo Calvino »
- Braga, Jul. 25-26, XX Conf. of the EACS. Paper: «The power of genres: Chinese writers and their use of genre theory in the modern literary field»

- Paris, Oct. 18-19, Univ. Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris Diderot-Paris 7 & Univ. Aix-Marseille Colloque Intern. Mo Yan : au croisement du local et de l’universel. Invited paper: « Métalepses, focalisation multiple et déformation sensorielle : la construction critique d’un ‘esprit sociale’ dans les romans de Mo Yan »
- Beijing, May 27, Capital Normal Univ. Intern. Conf., Chuanshang jiyi yu wenhua biaozheng: Wenxue ruhe shuxie lishi, Paper: «“从侧面切入”:历史创伤与叙述模式 The Oblique Approach: Historical Trauma and Narrative Patterns»
- Venice, Intern. Conf. Peking University Linking Ancient and Contemporary: Continuities and Discontinuities in the Chinese History of Literature and Thought. Paper: “The Tradition of Telling and the Desire of Showing in Ge Fei’s ‘fictional minds’”

- Beijing, Teaching Modern Chinese Literature, Capital Normal Univ. Paper: «文学教育在为难中? (Is the teaching of literature in peril?)»
- Venice, La traduzione dalle lingue orientali: limiti, specificità e prospettive. Paper: «Discorso e sintassi nella traduzione letteraria dal cinese. Strategie testuali e strategie traduttive nel ‘Kuangren riji’ (Diario di un pazzo, 1918) di Lu Xun»

- Venice, Ca’ Foscari, William Faulkner’s Legacy. Invited paper: Faulkner and Chinese modern fiction: between nativism and modernism.
- Aix-en-Provence, Traduire l'humour des littératures asiatiques. Invited paper:  « Humour amer: quelques exemples d’ironie tragique dans des romans chinois du vingtième siècle »
- Riga, XVIII Conf. of the EACS. Paper: “Authorship, Ideology, and Translation: the case of Ma Jian”

- Venice, Ca’ Foscari, The Ways of Translation: Constraints and liberties of translating Chinese. Paper: “The rhythm of thought: some problems of translating syntax in modern Chinese literature”
- Aix-en-Provence, Littératures d’Asie: traduction et réception. Paper:  « Feishiyi de ci: la parole peu poétique: réflexions sur la traduction de Mu Dan »

- Hong Kong, Gao Xingjian, a Writer For His Culture, a Writer Against His Culture. Invited paper:  «From A Preliminary Discussion of the Art of Modern Fiction to Soul Mountain and One Man's Bible: Gao Xingjian’s Use of Narrative Patterns to Rethink China»