Admission requirements

For Academic year 2018/19, admission onto the Master’s Degree programme in Language Sciences requires:

  • specific curricula requirements, matured with the obtainment of a definite number of credits in certain disciplinary fields;
  • an adequate personal preparation;
  • understanding of english language at level B2: process of verification and cases of exemption are indicated in the dedicated web page. Each understanding will be verified by the office at the moment of matriculation.

Matriculation onto the Master’s Degree Programme is subject to the possession of the above requirements.

For the evaluation of admission requirements, students must fill in the specific online auto-certification: results will be published in the “Evaluation Results” section of this website.

Minimum curricular requirements

Admissions requirements examines two disciplinary areas:

  • Language Sciences (A);
  • Specialised Language (B).

They may constitute access requirements over disciplinary-scientific areas other than those listed, which have led to courses with names and content of which is comparable and presented the detailed program.

You must be in possession of:

A) 30 in the field of Language Sciences:

6 ECTS in the following scientific-disciplinary sectors:

L-FIL-LET/09 Romance Philology and Linguistics
L-FIL-LET/12 Italian Linguistics
L-FIL-LET/15 German Philology
L-LIN/01 Linguistics
L-LIN/02 Didactics in Modern Languages
L-LIN/21 Slavistic Studies

24 ECTS in the following scientific-disciplinary sectors:

Philology and literary studies
L-FIL- LET/04 Latin language and literature
L-FIL- LET/09 Romance philology and linguistics
L-FIL- LET/12 Italian linguistics
L-FIL- LET/13 Philology of Italian literature
L-FIL- LET/14 Literary criticism and comparative literature
L-FIL- LET/15 Germanic philology

Literary studies
L-LIN/01 Glottology and linguistics
L-LIN/02 Didactics of modern languages
L-LIN/03 French literature
L-LIN/05 Spanish literature
L-LIN/06 Hispanic language and literatures
L-LIN/08 Portuguese and Brazilian literature
L-LIN/10 English literature
L-LIN/11 Anglo-American languages and literatures
L-LIN/13 German literature
L-LIN/15 Nordic languages and literatures
L-LIN/17 Romanian language and literature
L-LIN/18 Albanian language and literature
L-LIN/20 Neo-Hellenic language and literature
L-LIN/21 Slavic studies

Philosophy and psychology
M-FIL/02 Logic and Philosophy of Science
M-FIL/05 Philosophy and theory of language
M-PSI/01 General psychology
M-PSI/04 Developmental and educational psychology
M-PSI/05 Social psychology
M-PSI/08 Clinical psychology

M-STO/08 Archival science, bibliography and librarianship

Social sciences
SPS/07 General sociology
SPS/08 Sociology of culture and communication

Complementary studies
MED/26 Neurology
MED/31 Otorhinolaryngology
MED/32 Audiology
MED/34 Physical and rehabilitation medicine
MED/39 Child neuropsychiatry

For the scientific-disciplinary sector L-LIN/02, the following certifications are accepted CEDILS; CEFILS; DITALS; DILS, COTE (Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English); diploma Master MADiLS; diploma Master ITALS (1° livello); diploma Master ITALS (2° livello).

B) In the field of specialisation language, the certificated understanding at C1 level is required, or 24 ECTS in the scientific-disciplinary sector of the chosen language:

L-LIN/04 - French
L-LIN/06 or L-LIN/07 - Spanish
L-LIN/09 -Brazilian/Portuguese
L-LIN 11 o L-LIN/12 - English
L-LIN/14 - German
L-LIN/15 - Swedish
L-LIN/17 - Rumenian
L-LIN/18 - Albanese
L-LIN/20 - Modern Greek
L-LIN/21 - Czech, Polish, Russian, Serbian-Croatian

Alternatively, for sectorial English Language, level B2 is accepted (for the list of accepted certifications, see the specific web page) or 12 ECTS in the following scientific-disciplinary sectors L-LIN/11 Anglo American Language L-LIN/12 English Language (in this case the teaching syllabus specifies level B2).

In the case in which students are not in possession of the curricula requirements, they must retrieve them before enrollment exclusively by carrying out single programmes (Bachelor’s Degree level) at this or other universities.

Personal preparation

Personal preparation is understood as an adequate acquisition of knowledge and understanding of the language science and specialised language disciplines

Personal preparation will be verified by the Didactic College through the evaluation of CV.

Online application for auto-certification of admission requirements

There are three evaluation sessions provided:

Session Filling in of Self Certification Publication of Results
1st session Wednesday 2nd May - Monday 4th June 2018 Friday 22nd June 2018
2nd session Tuesday 11th July - Monday 27th August 2018 Friday 14th September 2018
3th session Tuesday 3rd October - Monday 5th November 2018 Friday 23rd November 2018

The verification of admission requirements can be carried out prior to completing all the required exams or to having graduated.

Before proceeding with the self certification of admission requirements, remember to arrange it in electronic format:

  • auto-certification of the degree with signed exams (in which the following is indicated: University where degree was carried out, classes and degree programme, degree data and marks, exams taken with the relative scientific-disciplinary sector and weighted credits). Check whether the auto-certification, completed with all the above information, can be printed from the personal area of the provincial University’s website; alternatively, use the model of auto-certification present on this page;
  • possible linguistic certifications or useful documentation o certify belonging to one of the provided cases of exemption;
  • CV for the verification of personal preparation;
  • linguistic certification for the insertion of possible missing curricula requirements.

Last update: 04/12/2018