Master's Degree Programme in
Digital and Public Humanities





Why enrol in this programme


benefit from the multidisciplinarity of this curriculum, which integrates knowledge from different fields and promotes the development of advanced cross-cutting skills, in order to help you make the best use of the interconnection between humanities and computer science


The Digital and Public Humanities field is one of Ca’ Foscari strong suits, as evidenced by our brand new Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities (VeDPH), which gathers experts from all over the world


choosing a Digital and Public Humanities programme will help you learn how to look at the world and at our cultural heritage through the lens of technology and innovation, connecting the past with the future through new IT and multimedia tools

Your future career options

build a career in a variety of fields: in the service sector; in the culture industry and cultural institutes; in specific centres, such as specialised electronic publishing; in the management, presentation and enhancement of cultural assets; in intercultural activities; and in the field of language technologies

become an expert in the design, production and enhancement of online resources, an expert in the digital management of cultural resources or a Public Humanities Expert


All students must fill in their study plan every year in order to register for exams. 

For the academic year 2022/2022, students enrolled in the first year can fill in their study plan from 25th July 2022. Students enrolled in the following years can fill in their study plans when their exam sessions in September are over (please refer to the academic calendar). 
Study plans can be modified until 1st March 2023

For further information, please refer to the Study plan and exams page.




Malcanton Marcorà  
Dorsoduro 3484/D, Calle Contarini, 30123 Venice (Italy)