Bachelor's Degree: limited admission

You can find here below the FAQs to clarify your doubts; should you not be satisfied after reading them carefully, please open a ticket through the link at the bottom of the page.

You can read the Regulation at this link: Carriere Minor e Advanced Course (ITA)


How can I register for a limited admission degree?

You can find information by following the path "Enrol" > "Admission" on the site of the degree program you are interested in.

What is the admission procedure?

You can find all the admission procedures by following the path "Enrol" > "Admission" on the website of your degree course of interest.

I have completed the application for registration, by when will I receive confirmation? 

Within 7 working days from the payment of the first instalment. 

I registered by making the payment more than a week ago but I still have not received a confirmation email, what can I do? 

Report it to admin by pressing the "Send a request" button at the bottom of the page.

I would like to fill out an enrolment application but the system asks me to choose one of my previous study careers, what should I do?

To complete the application for matriculation simply select any of your previous courses. 

When completing the registration application, a malfunction warning appears, how can I proceed? 

Re-start the registration procedure and if you see a pending process, select and cancel it. Report it to admin by pressing the "Send a request" button at the bottom of the page.

I entered information / upload files in error whilst completing the enrolment application, what should I do? 

Until your registration is completed you can modify the data entered by recompiling the application in your Online Area.

Is it possible to apply for admission to more than one limited access Bachelor's degree? 

Yes, by participating in all the selections that interest you, in the event you are admitted to more than one course you will have to choose which one to enrol in during the registration phase.

Is it possible to enrol after the deadlines stipulated in the admission notices?

No, under no circumstances.

Credit Recognition

I have already done some exams before enrolling in a degree course, will they be credited?

Yes, various previous courses may be eligible for credit recognition. You can find information by following the path "Enrol" > "Admission" on the site of the degree program you are interested in.

How do I pay the credit recognition fee?

The invoice for the payment will be generated by the Registration Office when you complete the application: you will have to make the payment through the PagoPA system.

If I am enrolled on another course of study and have applied for suspension, can I request recognition of the exams I have taken so far?

No, you cannot register by applying for credits if you are enrolled in another course of study and are taking advantage of the suspension.

If I have a Master course's degree, how many credits will be recognized?

You can receive recognition for up to a maximum of 60 credits.

In calculating the graduation mark, how will exams that have been credited be counted?

Study activities recognized as part of a completed Bachelor's or Master's Degree will not have an impact on the final admission grade for the final degree examination, while study activities recognized for individual courses and an unfinished university career terminated as a result of withdrawal, revocation or transfer will have an impact.

If I request recognition for individual courses, do I have to refer to the University/ Didactic Secretary to fill in the form?

No: in case you request the recognition exclusively of activities previously carried out at Ca' Foscari that show the same teaching code as in the study program of the course you will enrol, you can independently fill in the credit identification form and attach it directly to the internal procedure for completing the online application form. In the event that some courses are not included among those indicated in the study program, but are then included among the free choice exams, you will be subject to the payment of the 300.00 Euro contribution.

When will the exams credited in the student’s record book be accounted for?

The exams are accounted for in your career from January onwards.

Can I fill the study program even if my credits have not yet been included in the student's record book?

Yes, you must compile the study program by including the exams that have been recognized. If, during the compilation, you do not find exact correspondence between the exams chosen and for which you have recognition, and those that are proposed to you, insert any choice of courses: you can substitute them by recompiling the study program once you have received confirmation of the inclusion of the awarded credit recognition.


I'm having trouble making scheduled payments, what should I do?

Read the faqs by following the path How to pay fees.

Can I request reductions on the amount of the first instalment in the registration phase? 

You must fill in the Request for Concessions in your Online Area, complete a valid ISEE for the right to study in your favour and, if you are a student with non-EU citizenship and you meet the requirements, include your tax details.

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Last update: 14/02/2024