How to pay fees

You can find here below the FAQ to clarify your doubts; should you not be satisfied after reading them carefully, you can send a question through the link at the end of the page.

How can I pay fees? 

Through the PAGOPA system. You can make the payment in your Reserved Area under "Payments" and you can choose whether to pay online or pay in person. 

Can I make the payment via MAV?

No, payment via MAV is not possible.

Is it possible to use the postepay to pay?

Yes, because it is a card that belongs to the Visa Electron circuit.

  • To make the payment I click the "pay online" button,
  • I choose between the "credit card, debit, prepaid" payment methods,
  • I select "Visa Electron" when I see the PSP - payment service providers - that accept Visa Electron,
  • I select one and proceed with the payment.

Do I have to send the receipt to the office as proof of payment?

No, PagoPA trasmits that information to our computer system.

How can I pay late (or a penalty surcharge) fees? 

Please report which fee or penalty surcharge you have to pay using the "send a request" button at the end of the page.

I printed the Notice of Payment, now what should I do?

You will have to go to a branch of a bank that you can find in the list or in a tobacco shop in which the SisalPay or Lottomatica service is active, remembering to specify that you want to pay via PagoPA. 

I tried to log in to see how the system worked, but now I can no longer see the payment buttons. What should I do?

After each access the system does not allow a second attempt in the following 60 minutes, after this time interval, the buttons to proceed with the payment will be available again.

The payment is not successful or I see the message "received FAULT from the Node of Payments" to what is due?

Check the conditions indicated by the PSP (payment service provider) that you have chosen to make the payment, probably the amount you have to pay is higher than the amount allowed by the payment method you have chosen.

My bank is not on the list of credit institutions that are members of the PagoPA system. How can I pay?

For all payment methods, with the exception of home banking, you can rely on any of the PagoPA accredited institutions on the list.

I received an email saying "as a result of your payment request made through PagoPA for the IUV code 00000000xxxxxxx of € xxxx, 00 expiring xx / xx / xxxx We inform you that the transaction had the following result: The transaction was concluded in the following status: RPT accepted by the Payment Node ". Does this mean that the charge occurred?

No, the communication you received is sent automatically when the payment request is accepted by the payment node, even if you have only viewed the payment system. In that moment no charge is made. Later, if you complete the operation, you will receive another email in which you will be notified that the payment has been successful.

I have to pay 1.000 euros but I don’t have a credit card and so are unable to make the payment in a tobacco shop or in an authorized bank, what can I do?

After having activated it you can use the CartaConto issued by Friuladria that belongs to the MasterCard circuit that is sent to all students, alternatively you can pay the first installment at a Sisalpay point by ATM, or through ATM (bancomat) of the credit institutes.

I have a credit card issued by a bank that is not on the list, can I use it to pay online?

Yes, I have to verify that the card belongs to the Mastercard or Visa circuit, to make the payment:

  • I click the "pay online" button,
  • I choose between the "credit card, debit, prepaid" payment methods,
  • I select "Mastercard / Visa" when I see the PSP - payment service provider - who accept Mastercard / Visa (even if it is not the bank that issued the credit card),
  • I select one and proceed with the payment.

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Last update: 12/01/2021