Transfer to Ca'Foscari

You can find here below the FAQs to clarify your doubts; should you not be satisfied after reading them carefully, please open a ticket through the link at the bottom of the page.

You can read the Regulation at this link: Carriere Minor e Advanced Course (ITA)


I intend to transfer to Ca' Foscari what is the procedure?

Check whether you want to transfer to an open or limited access course and read the information on the Transfers to Ca' Foscari from another university page.

When can I request an entry transfer? 

You can find the information in the "Useful period" section on the Transfers to Ca' Foscari from another university page.

I submitted the transfer request to the departure university, can I enrol at Ca' Foscari?

No, you must wait for the Registration Section to contact you by e-mail. In the meantime you can proceed with registration on the website.

Is it possible to transfer to a degree course with limited access? 

Yes, it is possible if you have enough credits to be admitted to a year after the first and within the limits set by the admission guidelines for each course.

Can I register if I do not meet the requirements?

No, the enrolment depends on fulfilling all the requirements, including language skills.

Credit Recognition

When will the exams credited in the student’s record book be accounted for?

The exams are accounted for from January onwards.

Can I fill out the study program even if my credits have not yet been included in the student’s record book?

Yes, you must compile the study program by including the exams that have been recognized. If, during the compilation, you do not find exact correspondence between the exams chosen and for which you have recognition, and those that are proposed to you, insert any choice of courses: you can substitute them by recompiling the study program once you have received confirmation of the inclusion of the awarded credit recognition.

Can the exams taken at the University of origin be credited? 

Yes, check the procedures in the "Credits Recognition Request" section on the Transfer to Ca' Foscari from another university page.


What can I do if I have already paid fees at my originating university?

Get in touch with the administration of the university of origin.

Does it cost anything to transfer to Ca' Foscari from another university? If so how much?

At Ca' Foscari only the payment of the registration fees is required.

I'm having trouble making the payment for the first instalment, what should I do?

Read the faqs by following the path How to pay fees.

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Last update: 17/04/2024