This section gathers all final documents delivered in the context of the GAIN project. 

They are public results available for download. 

Photo by Radek Szuban, website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/23680473@N08
file pdfD1.1
Report on instrumentation of GAIN pilot sites
5.64 M
file pdfD1.2
Selection of algal strains: preliminary results
1.86 M
file pdfD1.3
1.21 M
file pdfD1.4
Report on the formulation of eco-efficient feed
258 K
file pdfD2.1
Innovative methodologies for reusing aquaculture side streams
649 K
file pdfD2.2
Innovative processes for mortality disposal in aquaculture
1.58 M
file pdfD2.3
Fish by‐products as feed ingredients
3.69 M
file pdfD2.4
Innovative processes for valorising shellfish by‐products
701 K
file pdfD3.1
Report on legislation, regulation, and certification of aquaculture within the circular economy
1.41 M
file pdfD3.2
Mass balance of consumption and production of aquatic products in the European Union, and implications for eco-intensification of the aquaculture sector
0.98 M
file pdfD3.3
Report on value chain mapping for key species/systems, with SWOT analysis of key informants
1.39 M
file pdfD6.1
Project website and social media toolset
491 K
file pdfD6.2
Draft plan for the exploitation and dissemination
3.60 M
file pdfD6.3
Plan for External Communication
248 K
file pdfD6.4
Intermediate plan for the exploitation and dissemination
2.38 M
file pdfD7.3
Data Management Plan
186 K
file pdfD7.4
Update of the Data Management Plan
316 K