PInK office team

Giovanna Berera
Head of the office

Sara Alba
Innovation ecosystems

Alessio Bertocco
Knowledge Transfer Management

Erica Brandolino
Innovation management

Michela Corazzola
Innovation ecosystems

Hélène Duci
Communication & events

Samuela Franceschini
Knowledge Transfer Management

Luciana Gualdi
Innovation ecosystems

Daniela Pavan
Innovation design

Rector's Delegate to Knowledge transfer

Commission for Knowledge Valorisation

The Commission decides on the procedures for the valorisation of the results of the university's research activity (i.e. patenting and other forms of intellectual property protection), it monitors the correct application of the Regulation on the valorisation of knowledge and provides opinions to the University governance on the matter. It assesses applications for accreditation of spin-off companies by researchers and the applications for accreditation of start-ups promoted by students or non-structured personnel of the University for approval. It also defines the programme for the affiliation of external companies and organisations to the university, within the framework of the Innovation Network "MOSAICO", and evaluates affiliation proposals.

For a complete list of the Commission's tasks, please refer to the page on the University governance.

Prof. Vladi Finotto
President of the Commission for the Enhancement of Knowledge and of the Subcommittee for Patents

Dario Pellizzon
General Director's Delegate and member of the Subcommittee for Patents

Prof.ssa Cinzia Colapinto
Member with economic-managerial expertise and of the of the Subcommittee for Patents

Prof. Matteo Gigli
Member representing DSMN and of the Subcommittee for Patents

Prof. Paolo Pavan
Member representing DAIS and of the Subcommittee for Patents

Prof.ssa Alessandra Zanardo
Member with legal expertise and of the Subcommittee for Patents

Prof.ssa Laura Cerasi
Member representing DSLCC

Prof.ssa Margherita Gerolimetto
Member representing DEC

Prof.ssa Marcella Maria Mariotti
Member representing DSAAM

Prof. Marco Olivi
Member representing DFBC

Prof. Luciano Pezzolo
Member representing DSU

Prof. Andrea Pontiggia
Member representing DMAN

Group of experts with regard to the intellectual property

The group is composed of business law professors from the Department of Economics and has the task of supporting and assisting PInK in solving the most relevant and complex issues in the field of intellectual property rights.