PhD in Science and Management of Climate Change



Enrica De Cian

Research fields: climate change impacts, climate adaptation, climate mitigation, distributional implications of climate impacts and policies, integrated assessment models, econometrics.

Teaching Committee

Stefano Battiston

Research fields: economic and financial networks, systemic risk, and sustainable finance.

Francesco Bosello

Research fields: Environmental Economics; economic assessment of climate change impacts and policy (mitigation and adaptation); Integrated Assessment and Computable General Equilibrium models applied to the study of climate change problems; sustainability and sustainable development.

Carlo Carraro

Research fields: economic analysis of energy, environmental and climatic issues, international negotiations on climate change, economic incentives to sustainable development.

Andrea Critto

Research fields: Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability; Environmental Risk Assessment; Decision Support Systems; Environmental Pollution, Water Quality.

Shouro Dasgupta


Research fields: impacts of climate change on labour, food security, health, inequality and design of tailored policies to mitigate and adapt to climate impacts

Luca Di Corato

Research fields: Real Options, Resource Economics.

Andrea Gambaro

Research fields: Analytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Pollution, Transport and Fate of Chemicals in the Environment, Climate Reconstruction, Environmental Pollution, Polar Research.

Silvio Giove

Research fields: Decision Theory, Multi criteria Analysis, Dynamic Systems, Optimization.

Carlo Giupponi

Research fields: climate change adaptation, water-energy-food nexus, climate proofing of investments and economic activities, system dynamics, integrated modelling and assessment, robust decision making, uncertainty analysis, spatial/multicriteria analysis.

Francesca Malfatti

Research fields: microbial biogeochemistry, microscale microbial ecology, pelagic ocean, coastal seas, sea spray aerosol, marine sediment, ocean-atmosphere interactions.

Antonio Marcomini

Research fields: Environmental risk assessment, Exposure assessment, Health and environment, Climate change impact (Climate change), Coastal zone ecosystems (Climate change).

Simona Masina


Research fields: physical oceanography, ocean dynamics, numerical modelling, data assimilation, ocean state reconstruction and ocean forecasting.

Chiara Mio

Research fields: Sustainability reporting, sustainable management accounting, corporate reporting, performance measurement and sustainability.

Jaroslav Mysiak


Research fields: risk assessment and governance, risk perception and transformational social change, environmental economics, sustainable finance, climate adaptation and services.

Roberto Pastres

Research fields: mathematical modelling for the analysis of transport, chemical and biological processes in coastal water bodies; modelling of bioaccumulation processes and sustainable aquaculture.

Ilaria Prosdocimi

Research fields: statistical methods, extreme value analysis, statistical detection and attribution of changes in extremes, non-parametric regression models.

Wilmer Pasut

Research fields: Building science, energy efficient buildings, indoor environmental quality, thermal comfort, personal comfort systems, resilient buildings.

Angelo Rubino

Research fields: Climate variability, ocean dynamics.

Francesco Vona

Research fields: micro-econometrics and causal methods, social (labour market) and distributional effects of climate policies, trade and geographical effects of climate policies, innovation, skills and measurement of the green economy, inequality and environmental performance, theory and empirics .

Davide Zanchettin

Research fields: decadal climate variability and predictability, volcanic forcing, Climate of the Common Era, Mediterranean circulation, teleconnections, numerical climate modelling, time series analysis, dynamic linear models, probabilistic approaches for model-proxy-obs comparison.