International mobility contributions and other incentives

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International mobility contributions

I am participating in the "Erasmus+ study" program and the "Overseas" program, are there contributions to this transfer? 

Yes, you can benefit from contributions (depending on the availability of resources and once for each course) for international transfers provided that the study period abroad has an academic recognition in terms of validation of CFU for the course of studies in which you are enrolled at Ca 'Foscari. Click here for more information.

Off-site students

I am a student resident in Italy but in a region other than Veneto, can I claim any benefits? 

Yes, 100 incentive scholarships are available for non-resident students residing in Italy but in a region other than Veneto, they are divided as follows: 50 for students who enroll in the first year of a degree course and 50 for students who enroll in the first year of a master's degree program. Click here for more information.

How much is the amount of the scholarship? 

For up-to-date information consult the application.

If I request the scholarship for student financial aid can I also get the "off-site" incentive? 

The off-site incentive is not compatible with the scholarship for the right to study funded by the Veneto Region for the new academic year and other scholarships and prizes.

How can I get the “off-site” incentive?

If you possess the following requisites:

  1. a vote at the state exam of at least 98/100 for students enrolling in the first year of a degree course
  2. a three-year degree score of at least 108/110 for students who enroll in the first year of a master's degree program.

REMEMBER that you must not have a level degree (university degree, Academy of Fine Arts or Conservatory) comparable to the one you are enrolled in at Ca 'Foscari.

How can I participate? 

To participate in the application process the student must complete the online form in its entirety.

On what basis is the ranking made?

The ranking list, one for students enrolled in undergraduate courses and one for those enrolled in master's degree courses, will be drawn up on the basis of both the grade for the state exam or degree examination and the distance from the region of residence to the Veneto region. For more information see the application.

When are the rankings published?

For up-to-date information please consult the application. 

How is the scholarship paid out?

The grant will be paid in two installments on the CartaConto of Ca 'Foscari. The scholarship is subject to the relevant requirements of merit.

Scientific degrees

What incentives for scientific degrees are available? 

If you are enrolled in one of the L-27 and L-41 Degree Classes and you meet certain requirements you can get a reduction in the contribution due. For more information see the Scientific Graduation Incentives page.

Do I have to make any requests to get the incentive? 

No, the reduction is calculated automatically.

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Last update: 10/11/2022