Scholarships for Student Financial Aid

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Applications and requirements

How can I find out if I can apply for a regional scholarship?

There are two parameters to consider:

  • Income: the ISEE of the current year valid for the right to education (or ISEE equal) and the ISPE must have precise values;
  • Merit: for those enrolled in subsequent years, the requirement in terms of ECTS credits varies depending on the year of enrollment and the level of the degree program (degree, master's degree)

For those enrolled for the first time in the new academic year, the requirement to participate is only tied to income, but a minimum number of CFU are still required in order to keep this benefit. 

I am a student enrolled in the second year and I hold a scholarship, how can I calculate the merit requirements? 

If you are enrolled in the second year or following years of the degree or master's degree the merit indicator is evaluated. It is determined both by your grade average and by the number of credits achieved within the scheduled deadlines. Click here for more information.

I am enrolled in a year following to the first and I do not have the minimum merit requirement to present the grant application, can I request it anyway?

Yes, if you failed to reach the number of credits needed to access the benefit, you can use the bonus: the bonus uses different values, in terms of number of credits, depending on the year for which you use it and can be relied on only once (for example, if you request the bonus to get the benefit for the second academic year, equal to 5 credits, and only 3 credits are used, for the following years you will only be able to use the remaining amount of 2 credits).

Can I have a partial examination recognized as necessary credits for maintaining the grant? 


I am a student enrolled in the first year and I hold a scholarship but I have not achieved 20 credits by the 10th August 2020, do I lose the whole scholarship?

No, if you have not acquired at least 20 credits on the date of 10 August 2020 you will not be credited with the second installment of the scholarship. You will incur the revocation of the grant if you do not acquire at least 20 credits by 30th November, 2020. The revocation involves the return of the first installment of the scholarship and the payment of tuition fees.

How can I participate in the call for scholarships?

Within the scheduled deadline you must do all of the following:

  1. request the ISEE Certificate valid for "facilitated benefits for the right to university study";
  2. complete and transmit the "request for concessions" available in the reserved area of the University website;
  3. subscribe to the new academic year by paying the first installment of fees and contributions.

I already have a master's degree: can I apply for a scholarship if I enroll in a new degree course? 

No, you will not be able to get any benefits as the provisions on the right to education can be awarded for the first time you obtain a degree/master's degree.

In the request for subsidies, what should I answer to the question "state the net amount of the regional scholarship assigned with the ranking published in the calendar year 2018"?

You must enter only the net amount indicated in the ranking dated 2018.

What is my status? 

  • On-site: if you live in the municipality area or in the vicinity of the location of the course of study.
  • Commuter: if you live between 40 and 80 km.
  • Off-site: if you live over 80 km away.

Click here for more information.

I am an off-site student but I will participate for 6 months in the Erasmus program in the second semester, how can I do it?

If you attend a program of study abroad promoted by the University, you can still benefit from the off-site status so that even while abroad as long as you get accommodation for a period that, combined with that in Italy, is not more than 10 months. You will then be required to deliver a copy of the lease contract translated into Italian or English to the Financial Aid office within the scheduled deadlines.

Rankings: winners, pay-outs, appeals

What is the difference between being eligible and being a winner?

If you are eligible, you will have a discount / exemption on the student catering service and an exemption from paying fees. If you are also a winner, you will also receive a monetary amount based on your status and your ISEE.

What are the criteria for formulating the ranking? 

  • ISEE if you are registered for the first time (the ranking will only be in ascending order on the basis of the ISEE).
  • MERIT for those enrolled in subsequent years (REMEMBER however that merit combines with ISEE in the ranking).

When are the rankings published?

For up-to-date info consult application notice.

Will I be notified by e-mail/telephone if I win a scholarship?

No, Students are obliged to consult the rankings on the University web page.

What is the survey form and when do I need to send it? 

The survey form is used to report anomalies found in the rankings. It must be presented to the Financial Aid office within the deadlines set out in the application notice.  

When is the scholarship paid to me if I win a scholarship? And where?

Payment will only be made onto the CartaConto Ca 'Foscari. Failure to activate the card within 30 days of receiving the offer will result in the forfeiture of the right to receive the amounts due. For the exact dates please refer to the application notice


In what cases are the scholarships withdrawn from students?

  1. if you first enrolled in a bachelor's or master's degree program and you are not able to achieve at least 20 ECTS by the deadline;
  2. if you transfer to another university during the new academic year;
  3. if you withdraw from your studies during the new academic year;
  4. if you graduate in the extraordinary session    

What does scholarship revocation entail? 

The revocation of the scholarship involves the return of the monetary amount of the scholarship received and the sum corresponding to the value of the catering and/or accommodation services provided by ESU Venezia and used by the interested party during the year. The revocation of the scholarship and of the corresponding eligibility also involves the payment of university fees and contributions to the extent provided for by the current administrative provisions adopted by the University.

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Last update: 13/01/2022