Fee Subsidies

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Reductions for EU or non-EU citizens with tax domicile

Am I entitled to a reduction in the fees?

Yes, if your ISEE valid for the right to study is less than € 60,000, if you present the Subsidies Request and if you have the requirements to obtain them.

What is the ISEE? Where can I ask? By when? 

The ISEE is a tool capable of measuring the current patrimonial and income situation of citizens who require facilitated social benefits. It is obtained by combining and evaluating three elements: income, assets and the composition of the family unit. The ISEE valid for facilitated benefits for the right to education in your favor can be requested from a CAF, an accountant or you can do it directly online on the INPS website within the scheduled deadlines. If you are a student with income from abroad you can present the “equivalent ISEE” (ISEE parificato). You can ask for it by appointment, free of charge, at the CGIL CAF affiliated with the University. Click here for more information.

How is the fee reduction calculated? 

The reduction is calculated proportionally based on the value of the ISEE valid for the right to education.

What are the requirements to take advantage of these facilities through ISEE?

To take advantage of the facilities through ISEE you must:

  1. register for the new academic year by the deadlines,
  2. not have a degree (university, Academy of Fine Arts or Conservatory) that is equivalent to the one you are enrolled in at Ca' Foscari,
  3. fill in and send the request for the subsidy within the deadlines, 
  4. have a certain number of credits registered on your university “booklet” (libretto).

 For more information visit the page “How to submit your ISEE request”.               

How long does it take to get the ISEE? 

The average time is about 10 working days.

Can I receive subsidies only for MERIT? 

Yes, for all the details visit the page Further financial assistance.

I have a brother who is enrolling at Ca Foscari, are there some subsidies?  

Yes, for all the details visit the page Further financial assistance.

I am a disabled student, am I entitled to any reductions? 

Yes, for all the information visit the page Further financial assistance.

I am a non-EU student, what subsidies can I request?

You can request:

  1. the scholarship;
  2. the fees reduction, only if you have the requisites for fiscal domicile within the scheduled deadlines;
  3. non-specific collaborations.

I am a non-EU student, how can I be compared to Italian/EU citizens?

You must possess the requirements to present the tax domicile. You will have to submit the relevant form every academic year within the scheduled deadlines. Without the tax domicile you will not be able to claim any fees reduction based on the ISEE.

I am an Italian student resident abroad, am I entitled to any benefits? 

You can request:

  1. the scholarship;
  2. the fees reduction;
  3. non-specific collaborations.                     

Reductions for non-EU citizens without a tax domicile

Are I a non-EU student (without tax domicile), can I have a tax reduction? 

No, you will pay the flat tax

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Last update: 08/01/2021